You Won't Believe these Diablo 2 Comparison Screenshots

Diablo II: Resurrected is out now, and you need to take a look at these Diablo 2 comparison screenshots from the first three Acts of the game on PS5. Within Resurrected, you can easily toggle between Legacy and Modern mode to see how far the game has come from the 2000 version. It’s a seamless experience you can do with the push of a button mid-game as you play. The work put into the remaster is a labor of love.

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22d ago
darkrider22d ago

It's a huge diference. But the game was launched so far ago

Hurfs22d ago

Must just be me but I kind of prefer the the old Pixelated graphics. must be getting nostalgic..... :)

DarkZane22d ago

The new graphics are nice, but unfortunately, it's still the same old game that launched in 2000. It hasn't aged well and a new coat of paint won't fix that.

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