Digital copy a hit with consumers, says NPD survey

Consumers have taken a liking to DVD and Blu-ray Disc digital copy, especially when files are embedded into discs as opposed to being downloaded, according to an NPD Group survey.

Digital copy is proving to fit into consumers' evolving lifestyles, in which more time is spent viewing entertainment on devices other than their TV sets.

Three out of four DVD and Blu-ray buyers who watch movies or TV shows on portable devices say they're interested in buying physical discs holding a digital copy, according to NPD. The research concern also found that more than half of DVD and/or Blu-ray buyers have watched a full-length TV show or movie on a portable device.

When given a choice, 79% of survey respondents said they would rather transfer files from discs than download the content from the Internet.

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But i can still bet u we will se "ANOTHER" blu ray is not needed bla bla bla article!!!... :/

Nineball21123599d ago

of people who want a hard copy of what they are buying.

I don't think DD is going to come around as quickly as some might think.

Blu-ray is definitely the next thing and it'll be quite some time before people move over to DD only.

wetowel3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

That and ISP caps. My ISP caps upload and download at 100gigs/month and what thats like 5-6 HD movies. DD has a long way to go.

kalel3333599d ago

ISP caps is the real problem in my opinion and the lack of steady download speeds (for me at least) , I'm capped at 20gb download and 10 gb upload a month ! :o. Now you all know that we can't live with so little, but they charge me 7$and 75 cents for every extra gig !! Thank God it's only $50 max but it still hurts my wallet at the end of the month ! Blu ray and DVD BABY !!!