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Henric Pettersson: "In the end, I'm still somewhat disappointed with Kena: Bridge of Spirit. Bugs and mediocre combat are my main problem, but nevertheless I had a lot of fun with Kena and her cute Rot companions. Considering this is Ember Labs' first title, they've delivered a game that feels like a promising start to their gaming career and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. Considering the price tag is a little kinder on the wallet than many other games for today's consoles, you also get a heck of a lot of content for the money with an adventure that stretches around ten hours, depending on your play style."

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MehmetAlperTR19d ago

Finished the game on PC.. Believe me it s worth more than 7/10.. it s solid 9,5/10


This is amazing for this being their first game, playing it now on PC but so far it deserves at least to
me 8 - 8.5 . I'm not a fan of UE4 being with the issues in almost all games that use it, crappy TAA that you need to forcefully disable is just one example. I'm hoping their next game uses UE5.

Plagasx17d ago

What's TAA again? Is it sharpening?
And how do you disable it again?


TAA is temporal anti aliasing it makes the edges look blurry compared to SMAA. This should help if you want to disable TAA: