You Can Now Use Office on Xbox Series X|S with Mouse and Keyboard

Microsoft Edge will now allow users to use Microsoft Office on Xbox Series X|S consoles with mouse and keyboard.

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thesoftware73025d ago

Gotta love options!

MS keep putting out updates, gotta love it.

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Bruc3L3r0y25d ago

An option that practically nobody will ever use.

Neonridr25d ago

why not? more options is a bad thing?

Godmars29024d ago

A non gaming option for a gaming/entertainment system?

Sitdown24d ago

Technically it can fall under the definition of entertainment.

nirwanda24d ago

@godmars it's better than removing options like a browser in ps5.
Just out of interest how many parents (with no gaming interests) do you think would buy one over a ps5 if the salesman told them he can do his homework on this one.

dcbronco24d ago

No. Cause nobody in college plays games and writes papers. The desperate need to hate makes an idiot out of people.

blacktiger24d ago

unnecessary option is not a bad thing but it's dumb and overload of the console. Eventually it's going to slow down like a PC

Fist4achin24d ago

Awesome. I get to pound work spreadsheets while on my Xbox!

Gaming is supposed to be one of my getaways!

alb189924d ago

Well, I know my kid will

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The story is too old to be commented.