UK Releases New Regulations Regarding In-Game Transactions

With microtransactions becoming common in video games, the United Kingdom has released new regulations targeting in-game transactions and advertisements.

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Welshy18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

The law is catching up to this far too late, but progress is progress so I'll take it.

100% agree all purchases including ones done with "virtual currency" should state the real world currency value next to it so that people can see and regulate their spending. It's easy to switch your brain off and spend "2400 points",but it's less easy (and more embarrassing to publishers) to have £27.99 next to a skin for an AR in am FPS.

NeoGamer23217d ago

There is a difference between laws and regulations. These are regulations.

Welshy17d ago

Splitting hairs aren't we? Rules, laws, regulations, whatever you want to call them, they finally are being held to some kind of standard.