Nintendo: "There's no way to know if we'll have enough Wii consoles for the holidays"

A senior Nintendo of America official has acknowledged shortages of the Wii in the runup to Christmas, but says supplies are actually 50% higher than the same period last year. The official also responded to Microsoft's oft-repeated claim that the Xbox 360 and the Wii are not competitors.

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ihatesouljaboy3603d ago

Because you never relese enough to meet demand! That is your strategy to keep hype up!

Delive3603d ago

The Gamestop I work at over the holidays has a STACK of Wii's (about 25) that we cannot get rid of. We sell some, get more. People want the Wii Fit, few are asking for a Wii. We even had a few used Wii's.

steveg25643602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

And your proof is, Soulja? The Wii is selling like hot-cakes, plain and simple. One would think the artificial demand strategy wouldn't last for two years. If you look at the sales numbers, they're moving quite a few units per month. Have you noticed that?

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

It's actually funny that people still believe that....
It's already proven to be a solid item.
It sells like crazy....and you people think they will hold back hardware just to create hype?

There is already a huge demand for it? so why do they need to create hype?
If they made 100 million wiis they would sell, before Christmas and you know it.
Nintendo doesn't need hype, They have captured the hearts of many already.

sealion883603d ago

I was just at Best Buy on Saturday in bensonhurst Brooklyn and they had a whole stock of Wiis bundled together.

SONYSLAVE3603d ago

XBOX 360 and Wii still whooping the ps3's ass lol

power by teh cell.

Keele3602d ago

Yes, I agree, Microsoft and Nintendo are going strong together to a new bright future but unfortunately I can't say the same about Sony..

Jecht3602d ago

"We are purposely going to understock retailers to drive up demand for our ghey console. We have plenty of Wii's available, but we don't want people to realize what a sh1tty console it is, so we create demand by using word of mouth and lack of stock. I mean, we don't have any games of note coming out yet, so we have to find SOME way of making money".

steveg25643602d ago

It looks like they did find a way of making money. They're making so much, I'll bet they're "ghey" (the happy kind).

Captain_Sony3602d ago

Let me translate that post for you guys "I'm an idiot who has no clue that Wii just sold 800k units in 1 week.. I cant figure out how they are selling so much without false demand because I am clueless to how the rest of the world feels and would rather use my own personal feeling about the Wii to try to excuse their sales because again I am an idiot. I cannot comprehend that they make more Wii's in a month then PS3 sales in 4 months. I cannot comprehend that Wii is the highest selling console ever in the history of video games. I'd much rather cry like an idiot then jsut admit that Nintendo made a console that more people want then want my chosen console that I get on my knees every night and pray to."
Well thats what I got out of that post anyway...

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

Seriously i hope you realise you aren't making any freaking sense.

Jecht3602d ago

Captain_Sony: You know, I was about ready to respond to your pathetic post until I read this "I cannot comprehend that Wii is the highest selling console ever in the history of video games."

Which is really funny considering that the PS1 and PS2 actually hold that title. See, when the Wii sells 130 million units in its lifetime, then you can make that statement. Until then, that one little sentence pretty much makes you the biggest moron in the world, and completely invalidates your weak attempts at insulting me. And before you make implications as to who is a fanboy, as referenced in your lame "get on my knees....." comment, I'd take a look at your name.

@sidar: People want what they can't have. It makes PERFECT sense.

Captain_Sony3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Ignore7 -
It took PS2 8 years to get to 140 million. Thats also counting all the PS2's that broke and Sony charged to fix.. You say PS1 and PS2 sold faster then Wii... Well prove it.. You're trying to compare their last known numbers for 5-8 years of sales to Wii's 2 years of sales... Just do some simple math if you can.. Wii is around 35million in 2 years.. Multiply by 4 and you get 140million. Thats also looking at Wiis being built at a slower pace 2 years ago then they are being produced right now... You havent got a single clue what you are talking about...

Also nice to see that you couldnt prove anything I said about Wii sales wrong and instead had to pick something else out which had nothing to do with your original post...Wii gets to be called the fastest selling console in history because at this point in its lifetime it has sold more than both the PS1 and PS2 did in the same time frame..Please go get some sort of clue waht you are talking about before responding again. Calling someone a moron for being able to see afact you cant only makes you look even dumber then your first post already did... Like you look like genius saying selling 800k in one week is only done by creating "false demand" for a product. Clearly you are trying to talk about things you have no ability to comprehend. Oh and BTW PS2 is at 140million not 130. Just another thing you want to talk about that you clearly dont know anything about..

Jecht3602d ago

You said.

"Wii is the highest selling console ever in the history of video games"

Not fastest.

BTW, it is the height of lame to resort to posting how many people ignore you. I have a minute number, so what's your point? I also have more bubbles than you, but who cares? Neither are important.

Also, nice to see you haven't proven a single thing you've said. I'm not seeing any links. All I'm seeing is you running your mouth.

Example: "Wii is the highest selling console in the history of video games." Really? At 27 million it's the highest selling? Ok then Captain Logic. If you can do math, subtract 27 million from 100 million and you'll get the number of consoles the PS1 sold over the Wii.

Example 2: "Thats also counting all the PS2's that broke and Sony charged to fix"

Ahh the cardinal fanboy argument. Care to prove that? I mean, I could easily say the same for the 360 if I wanted to, and it would probably be true. But, seeing as how Microsoft is more silent than a mute on this subject, I can't show a link to prove it. Can you show a link to prove yours? No? So then why do you talk as if you know something when you don't? Hmmm?

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