Metroid Dread looks like it could be the real deal - Eurogamer

From Eurogamer: "When you've been waiting some 15 years for a game, I think it's probably fair to express a little bit of trepidation going in. Metroid Dread was first conceived as a Nintendo DS sequel to Metroid Fusion, back at a time when not only had the series served up a 2D offering that could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Super Metroid, but we were also in the midst of the brilliance of the Prime series. Whatever your take on the likes of Metroid: Other M, Federation Force or Samus Returns, it's fair to say that the series has been far from its prime ever since.

You can forgive long-time Metroid fans going into the first original game since 2010's somewhat divisive Other M for having some nerves, then. But, after a couple of hours with the opening of Metroid Dread, I have wonderful news. This one looks set to be the real deal - a classic 2D Metroid, delivered with some serious production values and all the polish you'd hope for from a game that's helping launch Nintendo's latest Switch hardware, next month's OLED refresh."

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rockwhynot21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I wanna play dis on my switch lite.