A classic revisited

Game Junkie: "Some of you posted about playing some classic games from the past and how good the game play is. Last night, I downloaded the original Banjo Kazooie from Xbox Live Arcade and despite games like Left4Dead, GTAIV (PC) and Singstar Abba sitting on my computer desk, waiting to be played before I head away on holiday later this month, I played the Arcade title for a few hours and had an excellent time. It was the strong game play that had me hooked.

I'd never played the original Banjo Bazooie until last night. Sure, I've played the Xbox 360 game, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, but had never seen the original Banjo in action. The graphics are outdated compared to the games of today, but the most important thing, game play, was there to keep me interested."

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