FIFA 22 review: morally bankrupt monetisation lets the side down once again | Eurogamer

Solid gameplay improvements overshadowed by the fact EA Sports still hasn't tackled FUT's loot box problem.

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philm8722d ago

Fifa hasn't gone down the premium season pass route because you can get the best rewards by not spending a penny. In my opinion it would be much worse to have a premium season pass because that would make it a lot more pay to win. I've never spent a penny on FUT and never have a problem getting an excellent team, in fact they make it easier year on year not to spend real money.

slayernz22d ago

sorry i call BS on have to spend a HUGE amount of time grinding both playing and trading in order to get the best players....i used to do this and while you could build a decent team, with maybe one or two of the decent prime icons - you will never get a team stacked with your gullits, ronaldos, peles etc

a couple of years back i came into a decent sum of money and dropped $1,000 on packs - what did that get me? ....pretty much SBC fodder is all

used to enjoy FUT so much, but its just crap now - and because of the pay to win mechanics its now a toxic environment, i would have an okay team and beating an icon/IF stacked team the amount of abuse i received - one person even told me hes going to dig up my dead grandmother and do things to her

they need to change it up, but given the amount of money people blow on it they wont

philm8721d ago (Edited 21d ago )

It's not supposed to be easy to get the top icons, it just makes it more awesome when you get one. It shouldn't feel like a grind, you should be enjoying the game, if not then just play something else. I can only say that from my experience I get on fine with it and never feel the need to pay real money, I understand people have different experiences with it, it's never going to please everyone.
Sorry you received abuse, people like that are scum, hopefully they got banned for it though. Make sure you report people like that.
I played the PS5 beta and the game was a big improvement in my opinion, they've definitely put some work into it this year.

slayernz21d ago

grinding isnt always bad - i meant it more along the lines that you have to spend a bucket load of time on it, i used to enjoy it, had a couple of trading techniques that worked well, always a bit of fun doing that and the sbcs

problem with the beta and early versions is, every year they try new things but when the masses complain the first or second patch reverts game play to the same old rubbish......the fifa tag line should be "no pace - no place"

Majors22d ago

And yet the sheep still buy the same trash each and every year. Fifa, Madden, NBA etc etc updated rosters and a year change nothing else..

slayernz22d ago

reason is its quite addictive - just one more pack and maybe ill get ronaldo!

i stopped after fifa 18, picked up fifa 21 last year and played it for about 2 weeks, same old crap with even more emphasis on pay to win