We Found The Easiest Place In The World To Buy A PlayStation 5

China has the in-demand consoles sitting in stores, unwanted.

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ArchangelMike30d ago

With China enforcing laws which restrict gaming to 3 hours a week, it's no wonder consoles are sitting on shelves. Imagine how long it would take you to complete an average length RPG.

Ryushaa29d ago

You're trying to bait right? The 3 hours restriction is only for minors, and with online games. Offline / single-player games are not regulated by this law.

The problem is much bigger and worse. These consoles have heavy restrictions and censorship built-in. Not only that, China's gaming culture are really toxic, as they mostly play only MMO's that have outrageous micro transactions. Mainly mobile games.

glennhkboy29d ago

Actually there is "recommendations & guidelines" for adult players to play no more than 4 hours continuously . Some company will force-pause your section every 4 hours.

Magog30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's because the Chinese version comes with all sorts of region blocks and censorship imposed by the government.

Orchard30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

If you're in the US, just import from MX where it's constantly in stock. Avoid the Chinese censored version.

Orchard30d ago

The easiest place to buy it is Mexico... it's in stock 24/7.

The Mexican version also matches the US version in terms of features etc.

fr0sty29d ago

I'm seeing them for sale, but at a premium... Amazon has them listed for over $600 USD.

ifinitygamer29d ago

Not terrible considering European countries are screwed with prices as well. $499 does not equal 499EUR, and yet, that's the prices they've got. Worse if you look at the UK. 449GBP = 615USD.

franwex29d ago

They are more expensive in Mexico tho. But I guess it’s better than paying a scalper if you buy from an actual retailer.

Silly gameAr29d ago

Not only is the holiday PR campaign running on N4G, but articles that haven't been approved are on the front page. Been a screwy couple of days in the N4G environment.

Knightofelemia29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I wouldn't mind walking into a UK store and grabbing a PS2 new in box and of course the Switch is going to do well in China it serves two purposes connect to the tv and hand held. Like you said Chinese are pc and mobile gamers so there is your answer why Nintendo is doing well. I would hate to be a gamer in China government telling how much time I have to play a game for my PS5 I lucked out walked into Best Buy and paid $692 Canadian.

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