The Conduit - Another new trailer

Sega and High Voltage released a new The Conduit trailer. Enjoy.

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Smacktard3599d ago

This game kinda slipped off my insta-buy radar. After seeing this video and the other win, I'm happy to say it's back on the insta-buy radar :D

kunit22c3599d ago

This artical fails, this isnt a new trailer. All it has is the added sega at the begining and the site at the end has changed. So this is the same old trailer as before just Sega went and put their name all over it. Yeah this is an old trailer with old pre alpha graphics.

austere3599d ago

looks pretty bland all around to be honest. From gameplay to the AI to the graphics.

akaFullMetal3599d ago

seems like th ai, isnt that good, but they could of just been trying to show off what the game was, but it also seems like the controls are really loose.
Looks fun though

kunit22c3599d ago

The controls in the video dont matter because you can almost change completely everything about the controls, were the dead zone is, turning speed, cursor sensativity you name it.

games4fun3599d ago

an arcade game at the mall not really that bad, also the intro looks like an old bond game at first.

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