Is online the future of gaming?

In a word: yes. In a few more words: yes, and the future is already here. In a lot of words:

When people ask "Is (product/service/phenomenon) the future?" they usually mean to imply that there is a boundary to be crossed, past which things will no longer be the same as they once were. A classic example: Is VHS the future? Yes, it certainly turned out to be, because for those of you who may be too young to remember, VHS and Betamax were in a video cassette format war, and VHS came out on top, much in the same way that Blu-ray has ousted HD DVD as the new hi-def disc of choice.

However, in the context of online gaming, there is no either/or choice to make. Rather, what we're seeing is a simple add-on to the games that already exist. So instead, what's being asked here is probably "Will every future game be played online?" And the answer to that is ... maybe.

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timmyrulz3601d ago

i would say so but online needs to go futher than a load of people running around killing each other, dying, repsporning etc we need some good long campaigns what arent p1ss easy when there are mutilple people doing it

Imallvol73601d ago

The idea of online gaming makes me sad and happy. I have loved me some online games . . . but when I played MGS4 this year, I couldn't help but think how awesome of a game that was and how it was so nice to just be completely immersed in a world away from all the yelling, screaming, cheating, and rankings of online games.

To just sit back, relax, play, and enjoy was awesome.

SmokingMonkey3601d ago

but it certainly is, that is what makes Home so interesting, that Arcade Room feeling you get.

Senden3601d ago

Yeah but nintendo really isn't what i'd call proper gaming. It's just some stupid gimmicks luring families to their console. Real proper gaming, will be online for sure in the future.

meepmoopmeep3601d ago

it's the here and now, it seems.

it's good to have it since it's the rage these days, but i feel bad for games of the past that didn't need to have an online component and was still great.

if a game was suppose to have an online component, then sure, that's fine,
but games without it shouldn't be looked at as outcasts and graded poorly because they lack it.

throwing in an online component where it doesn't make sense just isn't right.

Danja3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I agree 100% , some of my fave games in the last 2 years didn't even have online play , sometimes a really good story is all I need plus solid gameplay..

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The story is too old to be commented.