The Last of Us Day 2021: A Community Celebration

From PS Blog: "We’re excited to share new digital content, exclusives, merch, and a special Photo Mode event."

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RaidenBlack19d ago

Just announce Factions 2, already!

SullysCigar19d ago

+1! C'mon Naughty Dog, money waiting right here!

RaidenBlack19d ago

Naughty Dog should introduce a new IP, this gen. They continued the PS3 IPs for PS4.
How about an FPS? A gritty Sci-fi one?
Or an espionage-esque FPS set during the 80s?

Lore19d ago

Fantasy RPG would be nice

ABizzel119d ago


It was rumored that was one of the games they were working on due to some artwork from one of their artist, but it's still up in the air. They're supposed to be working on multiple projects, so hopefully we hear something soon-ish.

CBaoth19d ago

They're waiting till next year to announce Last of Us 2:Director's cut w/ Factions 2 and prequel DLC, The Road to Jackson. Featuring Joel, Ellie, and Tommy, I'll have my popcorn ready to watch the meltdown

And yes, I'd love for all of Sony's 1st party studios to create something new. It's worked marvelously for them the last 2 gens

mikey1518d ago

RaidenBlack13h ago
Just announce Factions 2, already!***

As I've stated MORE than once Naughty Dog and other American devs who live in Santa Monica near Hollywood.. Have joined up with Playstation Productions
Formerly PlayStation Originals (2013–2019)
Type Subsidiary
Industry Entertainment
Founded 2013
Headquarters Culver City, California, U.S.
Area served Worldwide***

Who made the films

Year Title Co-production with Distributed by
2014 Heavenly Sword[a] Blockade Entertainment
Film Finanical Services
Sansoo Ventures, Inc. TriCoast Worldwide
2016 Ratchet & Clank[b] Blockade Entertainment
Rainmaker Entertainment
CNHK Media China
Cinema Management Group Gramercy Pictures***

Heavenly Sword and R&C, to produce..

***2022 Uncharted Atlas Entertainment
Arad Productions Columbia Pictures

TBA Ghost of Tsushima 87North Productions
Sucker Punch Productions
Television series
Year Title Co-production with Distributed by

The Last of Us Sony Pictures Television
Naughty Dog
Word Games
The Mighty Mint HBO

TBA Twisted Metal[4] Sony Pictures Television
Artists First
Electric Avenue[5] TBA

TBA Sly Cooper TBA***

Film/TV series based on their games. I assume the LoU revamp, will be based on whether/how many episodes/series HBO has signed up for. So it isn't all about YOU or what you want. Now its up to the viewers, who don't have a hissy fit if someone dies, or 2 females kiss. Its called plot twists/ new story direction... Much like Old Snake

becoming a Porter for a new generation. A film/TV series for Hideo in the Offing??

Oscar Isaac To Star As Solid Snake In Sony’s ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie***

I think we know who the cast will be. lolol

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ANIALATOR13619d ago

Thought they were gonna announce something

Magog19d ago

They say there will be an announcement at 5/8PM

Nitrowolf219d ago (Edited 19d ago )

A wrap up note, so prob a recap of the entries

IRetrouk18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

They gave a wrap up thank you note to fans, with a heavy hint that the multiplayer is in dev along with them going on a hiring spree for multiplayer devs.

P_Bomb18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

First pic from the HBO series released:

Snakeeater2519d ago ShowReplies(6)
Pancit_Canton19d ago

I usually get pretty excited when it comes to Naughty Dog announcement. But in recent years my expectations went from Yay to Meh.

TheDoomedGuy18d ago

Naughtydog is changing...and for me it's not for the better.

VerminSC19d ago

I can’t believe they said “merch and new content” and nothing new was announced

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