Darkzero : Need for Speed Undercover Review

Thomas Mcdermott writes "Slow and steady may very well win you a metaphorical race, but in reality that rather hairy tale is very much at the core of the biggest problem Need for Speed: Undercover has. Aside from the spectacular, rather abrupt opening, a significant portion of the first half of the game borders very close to monotony. The AI of the other drivers do their utmost to let you win, the tracks lack bends, are devoid of any remarkable scenery, and the cars available offer no sense of speed.

It is not until you get past this lacklustre start to the game, totalling around 4 or so hours, that you get to the good stuff. This 'good stuff' is indeed very fun to play, with track layouts getting much more exciting the further you get. Additionally, two new sections of the city open up for later on in the game, which are also much more interesting and exciting to drive around. Tons of supercars are also available to buy once you save up the cash, with even the fabled Bugatti Veyron, a car which can make Jeremy Clarkson make a funny face, making a appearance later in the game. The differing selection of events available helps keep you interested, with a vast amount of racing events (including head-to-head races), time-trial events and pursuit (you vs cops) events helping to keep things varied with 100+ mottled across the city map to select."

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