Video Chums Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

"After playing a couple of great AAA 3D platformers earlier this year, I'm absolutely blown away that I enjoyed Kena: Bridge of Spirits even more. With thoroughly challenging fast-paced combat, rewarding puzzles, and a breathtaking world; it's one phenomenal game." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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This game has been one of my biggest surprises this year. A quality game with a decent amount of content for only $40? I hope the success of this game helps it score a sequel. I’ll gladly pay full price for part 2.

Magog26d ago

Best platformer of the year is an indie Playstation Exclusive? Goes to show how well Shu Yoshida is at his job.

Orchard26d ago

Ratchet and Psychonauts are clearly the best platformers of the year - 88 and 87-91 meta while Kena is 81.

VideoChums26d ago

That's what the consensus among select game reviewers seems to dictate but you can still enjoy Kena more.

For example, its fast-paced and challenging combat won us over whereas many similar games play it a bit too safe when it comes to difficulty in order to appeal to the masses which generally works but not everyone will view that as a good thing.