Overwatch 2 Gets New Trailers Revealing New Look for Bastion, Sombra & Bastion Reworks

Today Activision Blizzard hosted the grand finals of the Overwatch League, and had news to share about Overwatch 2.

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Welshy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Calling this a "sequel" is a total scam, unless they blow the lid off this one day and reveal a significant amount more new content I hope this absolutely bombs.

It seems to be mired in development hell too which isn't a good sign with all this Activision Blizzard law suit going on.

Germaximus27d ago

Do not buy this game. Are you serious about telling Activision to f*** off with this nonsense? Don't buy it.

Bladesfist26d ago

You don't need to, all of this multiplayer content is a free update. The paid part of Overwatch 2 is the campaign.

kitano194727d ago

Nice preordered the epic legendary gamer edition with steelcase book and cape

DFresh27d ago

I’m really looking forward to this game on PS5.

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