Battlefield 2042: DICE Producer Talks About Community Management Amid Slow News Roll Out

Amid outrage from fans regarding slow Battlefield 2042 news, a DICE producer has posted an explanation and talks about the process and more.

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Snakeeater2528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

we need a date for the beta that's all for now

I can see them push back the game in march 2022 and use the Covid excuse

excaliburps28d ago

Not even a date. Release new gameplay, new info about weapons, etc. There are LOADS of ways to trickle down info which would make the fans and community not get pissed off.

EazyC27d ago

I highly doubt EA would allow this, even if DICE is pleading for mercy.

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PapaBop27d ago

EA and community management don't belong in the same sentence unless the topic is on how not to manage a community.

27d ago