FIFA 22's Graphics on the Series S Are In an Awful State

Earlier this week, EA released the early-access version of FIFA 22 and players on the Xbox Series S seem to be very disappointed with the game's graphics, complaining of scaling, and low quality.

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SullysCigar31d ago

I fully expect an influx of Series S on the second hand market once the Series X and PS5 are more readily available. The value proposition is way off by comparison, in my opinion.

darthv7231d ago

Nah... prob not. The S makes a great companion system for a bedroom or study. When you want to watch some streaming media or game casually.

I use one in my bedroom while the bigger systems are in the game room.

Lightning7731d ago

It's probably too soon to be seeing the S sitting around everywhere. However, if this thing starts to underperforming (no doubt that it will) I can see ppl returning it and getting the X or maybe even a PS5.

No doubt they'll get it all sorted out with this particular game, but it is telling how the S could have more and issues as the gen goes on.

Flawlessmic30d ago

Keep in mind darth your in lucky position to afford all 3 consoles and have the s simply as a comoanion

There are lot of people who have purchased the s as there main next gen console seeing as it was advertised as one.

I dont think the issues should be excused because of a few fortunate people.

I have a ps5 and series x, i always thought the s was a poor idea and people will come to regret buying it i feel if they thought id will hold up as there main next gen console.

badz14930d ago


to be fair, the SS is already sitting around everywhere. maybe not in the US but it's pretty easy to get your hands on the SS everywhere else since a couple of months ago. it's definitely not a good sign as it's already showing its shortcoming not even a year after release and this is FIFA we are talking about.

dbcoops30d ago

There are much better and cheaper options to "watch some streaming media".

CobraKai29d ago

The Series S may not be sitting around, but I feel it’s definitely easier to get a hold of. It doesn’t sell out in seconds and tends to linger before selling out.

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Atticus_finch30d ago

The value of the XSS as a next gen console is very poor. Even by ignoring the power of the console and just focusing on the SSD.

ScootaKuH30d ago

Maybe, although I'd still rather get an SS over an SX. Reason is that I have a PS5 and I have very little interest in Xbox games, and if/when I do decide to get one it'll be relegated to the bedroom so for me to buy an SX would be a waste of money for use on a 1080p TV. As a pure Gamepass machine the SS is really good value for money

darkrider30d ago

It's just a matter of time. I just hope that gamers don't sell their one x to get the s... Just wait and get the X if they want a Microsoft next Gen console.

Locutus_of_borg29d ago

I sold my one x to get the series s and not had one single regret , in my view it out performs the one x in every way except the lack of disk drive .

darthv7229d ago

I still have my one x, along with like 5 other one x variants. But i am different in that regard. I collect the systems.

NeoGamer23229d ago

I have a Series S at a second home I own. It only has a 1080p TV so the Series S is working fine there.

I think there is a longer plan for Series S. First, it is price point. Last generation none of the device got down to the $99-149 price range. I think MS plan here is to get into that space this generation. Second, the next thing is the portable market. Switch has done well in that space. If MS were to release a Series S type device as a portable that just worked without having a separate store version of the game I think there is potential there.

UltimateRacer29d ago

Agreed especially when you consider the PS5 DE is only $400 and is the same spec as a PS5 all be it without a disk drive. The SS is an extremely poor choice from MS, why they didn’t just offer an SX without a disk drive for $400 is beyond me.

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LWOGaming31d ago

I played the early access Series S FIFA 22 and have not found any issues. Some slight graphical concessions but very slight in my opinion. Series S is about making next gen accessible to more people who can't always afford 4 and 500 pounds for the X and PS5. I find my Series A to be perfect for my needs and great value for money. I don't think it will be become a second hand system that much because there is a huge market for lower cost consoles and always will be. I think the criticism of FIFA 22 on Series S in this article is over the top.

EvertonFC30d ago

I got my pre order money back, what was your impressions of the game.
I found the pressing and holding X button had changed for the worse with the player doing stupid stuff and half the time I didn't feel like I was in control.

badz14930d ago

sure it's an entry level product for the new gen but when you're running games worst than the gen you're replacing, it will leave a bad taste. why MS didn't even try to make it at least as powerful as the OneX (6TF) is still baffling to me personally. not even Nintendo has released a console weaker than its predecessor. the SS is special for all the wrong reasons.

darthv7229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Like many say, you cant go by the TF number. The S has the better cpu, gpu, memory and of course ssd. In all accounts it is better despite having a lower TF total. Its just more efficient in a smaller package. I think MS intentionally holds it back, making it use One S codepath when it comes to bc instead of One X codepath.

Locutus_of_borg29d ago

“ but when you're running games worst than the gen you're replacing, it will leave a bad taste”

Are you speaking from experience because you have both consoles or is this just your opinion and you don’t own any of the consoles ?

I can speak from experience and can honestly say that the series s is far better than the one x .

badz14929d ago


I don't own any of them but the OneX is a 4K console while the SS is 1440p console at best. at least with FIFA22, the OneX will run it at 4K60 like it did with FIFA21 same as PS4 Pro while the SS is 1080p60. I don't know how that equals to "series s is far better than the one x" as you claimed.

RedDevils30d ago

Fifa is a shit game, shouldn't be bother about it.

EvertonFC30d ago

I got my pre order money back after trying fifa early access with EA play.
Its crap it doesn't even feel like your in control of the players.

badz14930d ago

I think it's the theme for these sports games. I feel like the players are having lesser control every year over the action of the players in the name of "realism". for example, I have left the NBA games for many years and tried it again when PS+ gave it a couple years ago. the game is basically unplayable to me as they are too much restrictions on the player movements which makes them fell like robots and not human. same with FIFA, I can't stand FIFA anymore due to this control issue. at least PES still keeps the control a little arcadey for it to still be enjoyable to me.

EvertonFC30d ago

I'm a PES player tbh, I only pre ordered fifa cause my little nephew wanted to play online with us.
So thankful of the early access trial, got Kena instead.
I'll wait for my PES

NotanotherReboot30d ago

thats because you were playing as Everton and not a good club XD

MocBistro30d ago

Konami game is free this year. I wouldn't bother. The only mode I play in football games are ranked online matched with real teams anyway.

SinisterMister30d ago

Couldn't care any less honestly. I'm all for the gameplay of FIFA.

EvertonFC30d ago

Good luck cause the pressing and holding the X button to get the player going twds the ball is totally messed up now.

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