Marvel’s Avengers Klaw Raid Will Be “Unique;” Spider-Man Will Have Story & Cutscenes Confirmed

Crystal Dynamics says the Marvel's Avengers Klaw Raid will be "unique" but feature familiar environments; Spider-Man DLC will have own story & cutscenes.

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Zeref27d ago

At this point they should reconsider whether they should have spiderman exclusive cuz literally no one gives af about this game anymore

Darkborn27d ago

It's a contract with playstation. I doubt they can break it and still release it. I do kinda agree though or at least release like Dr strange the same day or something to keep other fans happy.

jukins27d ago

There not ton of us but those of us who still dabble definetly care lol.

Zeref27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Care as in whether it's exclusive or not?

Either way If you actually like the game you should want it to not be exclusive because more people would likely play it for spiderman on PC and Xbox.

If it's exclusive there's no point for those people to come try the game or give it another chance.

jukins26d ago

Juat replying to your "literally no one cares about this game" comment.

But if im on ps5 and am getting said content why would i worry about other platforms when the game doesn't have crossplay? I honestly haven't had any issues finding people whenever i play

Zeref26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Do you understand that more people playing means more support for the game? Regardless of platform?

jukins26d ago

Theres really nothing at this point that will bring avengers back to get more support than it already is getting because as said by developers plans are already in place to being additional characters and maps on the new year. If anything its probably the ps players who are keeping it alive

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philm8727d ago

I've just got it and am really enjoying the main campaign.

Magog27d ago

Yet another game where the PlayStation version is the definitive one.

Orchard27d ago

The game reviewed in the 60's, there is no definitive version... they're all bad.

Nobody is even playing this anymore, there are far better PS5 games out.

Bathyj27d ago

Yeah c'mon dude. I love my PlayStation but bragging which turd has the most corn in it is too much.

Ratty27d ago

Come on man. Just enjoy the system you bought and let others enjoy the system they bought.

Magog27d ago

If you want to enjoy Spiderman there is only one option to do so. 😱

Orchard27d ago

If you want to enjoy Spider-Man - play SM or SMMM, not Avengers.

Insomniac titles are miles better.

PraxxtorCruel27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Did Sony pay for the exclusivity? Not looking so hot now that deal SE and Sony did. What a shambles. I haven't even played the game but was excited just before launch. I was gonna buy it and play with a buddy but the bad reviews and negative reports swayed me to reconsider.

27d ago
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