Triangle Strategy screenshots and art

NE: "Thanks to Square Enix, we have new screenshots for Triangle Strategy."

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NecrumOddBoy20d ago

I really wish these were on PS5. I put 100+ hours into Octopath Traveler. What a masterpiece and love letter to the SNES. I want that platinum.

Imortus_san19d ago

Got 108h on Octopath Traveler on the Switch and I'm thinking about playing again on the Xbox.
Triangle Strategy will be my second game to be Finished on the Switch.


I have 170+ hours in Octopath. Great game, but I didn’t like how the post game was handled. The “true ending” and “true boss” are hidden behind random side missions and a frustrating boss rush.

I plan on getting Triangle Strategy, but I’ll wait for reviews to make sure the post game is handled properly this time. From what I’ve played in the demo, the story is much more focused this time around.

Myst-Vearn19d ago

game looks great but the title is silly

CrimsonWing6919d ago

Yea, t doesn’t really roll off the tongue that well.

Chocoburger19d ago

Its a temporary name, I thought S-E would have revealed the final name by now.

ZeekQuattro19d ago

No the temp name was Project Triangle Strategy. This is the final name. Project Octopath Traveller was the same thing. They simply dropped Project from the title.

Magog19d ago

Less silly than Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default.