Bayonetta 3 screenshots

Nintendo and PlatinumGames have readied a new batch of screenshots for Bayonetta 3.

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iplay1up220d ago

These screen shots look great. Bayonetta 2, for Wii U still looks really good. The video released this week, probably didn't do the game justice. If Bayonetta 3 looks as good or better than 2, on Switch I will be happy. More importantly if 3 is as much fun or even more so, I will be pumped! 2 was fantastic!

LonDonE19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

1 and 2 were great games but i wont lie i was underwhelmed with the footage of 3 we saw. 3 Dont look as techinically good so far. Hopefully they will show more and it will look more polished. Currently the footage did not look like the AAA technical 60fps showcase i expect from platinum. They are one of my fave action game devs and so i am looking forward to Bayonetta 3. Lets hope its as good as the first 2 games. It did look washed out and maybe its because we as core gamers have been ruined by HDR and the more powerful consoles and PC so are now used to more vibrant 60fps showcases. But the footage so far which was shown does not look like the usual technical smooth bat shit crazy action game magic i expect from Platinum.

JackBNimble19d ago

What exactly do you expect out of a handheld?

SullysCigar19d ago

^ That's the trouble Jack; when people complain about the graphics, "but it's just a handheld", but when we talk about sales, "it's definitely a home console".

It's the best, and the worst, depending on the topic, but some insist on only seeing the positive or negative side, depending on their gaming preference. You can't have it both ways.

bouzebbal19d ago

Looks insane for a handheld..

Neonridr19d ago

@SullysCigar - it's still a video game console. Who says a console is a device that can't go anywhere? Is the Steam Deck not still a PC because it can go with you?

19d ago
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gamer780419d ago

I love this franchise. Hopefully we’ll see more video of her hair and how it turns into monsters I’ve only seen the butterfly transform and then monsters by themselves

Nintentional19d ago

The Sony salt is thiccc in the comments here🧂🧂 :)

RaiderNation19d ago

Dont know why youre getting downvotes. You spoke the truth. This game looks drab and colorless. The Switch is really starting to show its age.

Fntastic19d ago

Well the system was kinda dated when it came out, IMO cartoony colourful (and well running) games that don't push it too hard are better suited to this system, even then it's still lacking power.

MADGameR20d ago

Project Eve completely destroys Bayonetta 3 and Bayonetta 3 hasn't even been released yet.

SullysCigar19d ago

I mean we've seen gameplay from both now and I can't believe anyone would disagree with that.

Bayonetta 3's graphics look awful by today's standards, the gameplay looks fun, but dated and even the voice actress has been changed - apparently for the worse, sadly.

Project Eve looks like how Bayonetta should, if it didn't refuse to move with the times.

Zhipp19d ago

Project eve has good graphics(uninspired as they may be) but the gameplay looks kind of bland. I would be very hesitant to say that a game by some random Korean dev could possibly compare to anything by Platinum games, who at this point are pretty comfortably the kings of character action games.

Neonridr19d ago

and yet a game being fun has nothing to do with it's graphics.

19d ago
Stanjara20d ago

I still don't know if this is a ps3, or a ps2 game.

StonieWylder19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I swear, people who say this more than likely too young and never grew up with a ps2 to know what ps2 games actually looked like.

Pyrofire9519d ago

Yeah there's a lot of great looking PS2 games. All the details had to be hand authored so good textures looked good. Too many Switch games fall back on low quality dynamic stuff that I think ends up looking worse and it's more expensive performance wise.

Stanjara19d ago

Sure but I'm 35 and a grew up with ps1. Washed out look and color palate is from ps2, that was my first thought.

Neonridr19d ago

that's totally true. Just salty fans who wish they could play the game.

antikbaka19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

It's a switch game which aims for 60fps and some high paced action. What else to expect? Maybe you also want a COHERENT PLOT?! Freak

ABizzel119d ago

PS2 is going to far. It's about on par with PS360WiiU hack and slash games like Devil May Cry 4. However, the Switch is only around 50% more powerful than the PS360WiiU so most of their games were going to look on par.

That extra performance is going to go to more particle effects, a more stable framerate, amd other little tweaks here and there, plus the game has another year of development for graphical improvements.

CrimsonWing6919d ago

If this were a PS2 game it’d be revolutionary because there ain’t a single PS2 game that looks visually anything like this. Go look at footage on any Devil May Cry game on PS2 and literally put that image next to this.

I think the issue is we have a new director and he’s got a different vision. I’ll agree to the colors not being the typical vibrant and over saturated look. Also, the tone seems way more toned down… I’m just hoping that’s this trailer and it’ll still be over-the-top with innuendo.

They really just showed a poor trailer in my opinion. Watch any Bayonetta 1 or 2 trailer and you’ll see how they should’ve made this trailer.

19d ago
Terry_B19d ago

Never played on a PS2, eh? Its clearly looking like a good PS3 /XB360 game.

19d ago
Nintentional19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Get your eyes checked bro 🧂

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Pyrofire9519d ago

I know it's a Switch title and it would technically be a bad move but I do wish these were higher resolution shots.

JackBNimble19d ago

Isn't the switch 720 to begin with?

Pyrofire9519d ago

The screen is 720p but supports up to 1080 while docked. I believe Bayonetta will run at 900p tho based on the screenshot rez.

19d ago
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