Grandia HD Collection will have a new physical release in Asia with English support

A new English physical release for Grandia HD Collection physical has been revealed, and it can be imported to all regions of the world.

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CobraKai72d ago

I remember playing part 2 on the Dreamcast. It was one stunning game running on a VGA monitor

babadivad72d ago

Grandia 2 is still on my list for one of the best games I have ever played. Also THE catalyst to make me question religion. This game made me into the skeptic I am today.

Loktai71d ago

Guess you skipped xenogears eh.

TheDoomedGuy71d ago

Well all you gotta do to question religion is ask the question ...why?

Whether or not you're able to find the correct answer to that question is a whole different story. And also whether or not the individual answering that question can bring it down to earth instead of regurgitating theology.

babadivad71d ago

I was a child when I played this game. Children usually believe what adults tell them. Especially the adults who took care of me and that I trust implicitly. Up until that point in my life, I had no reason to question "why".

How else do you think religion grows?

There are full grown adults who never ask "Why" about a full array of subjects. Hell, there are people running around who actually believe the earth is flat.

TheDoomedGuy71d ago

I can only speak of one religion and that one spread through adults...not children. The children came after...particularly the ones thrown out into the street as newborns to die. So charity and love made it spread quickly as well.

If your parents never told you the why to anything then they practice tradition more than religion...this is very common nowadays. In fact the majority of religious people are like this. Which is why the children, such as yourself and myself included, end up leaving.

ZeekQuattro72d ago

Tempting. Which reminds me I still have to play the first game. Lol Mainly got the collection to play Grandia 2.

Teflon0271d ago

Still dub the skipped the PS4 release with the worse excuse seeing there's a PC version lol

Knightofelemia71d ago

Grandia 3 is my favorite entry

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