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Kena: Bridge of Spirits offers an enchanting universe full of irresistible creativity.

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lelo2play19d ago

Playing it on PC, couple of hours in... It surely is a beautiful game, but calling it a great game is a bit of a stretch. From what I played so far, would give it a 7.

CaptainHenry91619d ago

Fair enough. Deathloop got a 10 and I thought it was a 8

dbcoops19d ago

Maybe after you've played more than a couple hours you'll feel differently.

Aphelion8219d ago

That is a fair and reasonable opinion. It is a good game but handing out 10s to every good game only devalues the score. IMO 10s should be reserved for games that are a masterpiece on multiple levels including gameplay, storytelling, technical achievement, and soundtrack.

Destiny108019d ago (Edited 19d ago )

a 10/10 just means its a "must play game"

i don't think it needs to be a technical masterpiece on multiple levels, but that would be nice, obviously

a lot of people complain about games not living up to the high praise, for those people i would recommend watching peoples best games of the year videos/awards and you will get a much better idea of which games are consistently at the top of everybody's lists

Darkborn19d ago

The game really opens up after the first area you complete.

Silly Mammo19d ago

Darkborn- I agree. It was pretty ho-hum at the beginning, but once you get the bow I really started to enjoy it.

yeahokwhatever19d ago

if you're one of the people (like me) who grew up reading gaming magazines in the late 80's-90's, you likely have a different feeling for what a perfect score is. its supposed to be almost impossible, somewhat mythical. it at least seemed to be very rare. Just seems they hand them out like candy now. Fantastic game though, who cares what score it has, get it! :-)

porkChop18d ago


I remember, it was supposed to be nearly unattainable. 10/10 was reserved for the masterpieces. The kinds of games that don't come around that often. The ones that break new ground and elevate the medium. Games like Ocarina of Time, MGS, TLOU, Halo, etc.

These days 10s are handed out so often that it's meaningless.

boing118d ago

If you follow the reviews for Kena, you'll see that PC reviews are harsher for this game, in general. I think it's all about expectations. For me, Kena is a perfect example of a casual console game and I think it's simply not enough for hardened PC gamers. They usually need 'more' from the game. That's why they choose PCs in the first place.

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OptimusDK19d ago

Great game.
I think this is just click bait.
Very few games are a 10/10,
this is not one if them.

ElvisHuxley19d ago

It comes down to personal opinion, unless the score is wildly off the mark, it's conceivable that some people may think the game is significantly better than you do.

Aussiesummer19d ago

And this score is wildly off the mark.

Hellcat202019d ago

It's a 10 for just the boss fights alone

Teflon0219d ago

That boss to finish the first area was great

Magog19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

It's a top notch platformer. Well deserved praise. Looking forward to the DLC/Sequel.

Teflon0219d ago

It actually is partially a platformer

yeahokwhatever19d ago

I would just call it an action/adventure game. *shrug*

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