Nexomon – Review (PlayStation Galaxy)

Leif wrote: "It’s a game with heart and passion. It’s a game that despite it going against one of the biggest game franchise, it can stand on its own."

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Unknown_Gamer579423d ago

I'm loving this game so far. Note, that I haven't played the sequel yet which apparently greatly improves on it. As for this game though, I agree that it's a worthwhile experience in its own right. However, I wouldn't say it quite stands shoulder-to-shoulder with that big franchise.

There are certainly things I like better about Nexomon, and it is true that it streamlines the Pokemon experience, but there are nuances to that experience which dedicated fans will notice the absence of here. Not only is there no multiplayer or trading, but there's no breeding or gyms (well, there is one gym, but it's a literal gym and still isn't an entire stage). Anyone who likes these things are going to be disappointed to find they're missing in Nexomon. At the point I'm at, I'm finally about to learn how to fish, which is great, but I'm somehow doubting there's an in-game equivalent to surf (I'll be surprised if there is).

All that said, I'd best describe Nexomon as being somewhat of a discount Pokemon, and I actually mean that in the best possible way. In my region it's just over 1/6 the price of what current Pokemon games go for, and I can say I'm getting much more than 1/6 of the experience out of it. It's definitely worth the price of admission.

Moreover, the core of what makes Pokemon engaging is definitely here IMHO. That's one of those things that's difficult to put into words, but is the reason why many games that try to emulate a certain experience can technically check off every box but still fail to capture the same feeling. I'm happy to report though that Nexomon has it, at least for me. I wouldn't be so hooked on it otherwise. I've certainly tried at least one game that just made me wish I was playing Pokemon instead, so Nexomon does something right.

It's just worth noting that, if push comes to shove, I have to admit that Pokemon is still better overall. But, Nexomon is very highly recommended for anyone who likes these kinds of games and I'm certainly having a great time with it.