Halo Infinite - Multiplayer Technical Preview Overview

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer technical preview is about to get started. Spanning two full weekends, Halo Insiders will get to play on new maps, in new modes, and try experiences that are brand-new to the Halo franchise.

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-Foxtrot20d ago

Another feature added to the list of "eventually"

Magog19d ago

This was the original source and article. Mods are making people link to other sources and change headlines.

19d ago
343_Guilty_Spark19d ago

Where in the article does it mention this?

CaptainHenry91619d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Lol I wasn't feeling the Halo Infinite multi-player beta. But I'm still going to get the game after I see the reviews. 6 years for this? The good news is that I am more interested in the campaign

Chris1219d ago

Well done. How long did it take you to find the lowest quality stream to link too?

CaptainHenry91619d ago (Edited 19d ago )


I don't know what you are talking about🤔 I just typed Halo multiplayer beta, and this came up. You can also change the video quality if you're signed up with YouTube. I wasn't concerned with the quality though

chiefJohn11719d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Why wait for reviews when you could've just played the tech preview yourself and form your own opinion of the MP. 🤔 and what exactly arent you liking from the MP?

CaptainHenry91619d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I'm more interested in the campaign. You can't play some of the campaign from the tech preview. I'm hoping that they release a campaign demo before it launches. Being in development for 6 years, the mp doesn't look that innovative at all, not to mention it doesn't look like a series X game, but it doesn't look that bad either. It makes me think that the Xbox One is holding it back from its true potential. I don't think it should have taken them 6 years to make this imo.

Zhipp19d ago

I know at least the first few of those 6yrs went into engine development. I'm not a developer so I can't really comment on how long any particular element of the dev process should take, though. We don't even really know when they started working on multiplayer in earnest.

chiefJohn11718d ago

It's a tech preview of the basic Playlist we all know and love. There new gametypes with the innovative stuff is being saved for released. BTB supposedly is doing something innovative that will be in the next flight. With a new engine and Covid it shouldn't be that hard too see. After all we've had so many basic SP only games delayed. Shouldnt be hard to imagine something as big as Halo taking 6 years.

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esherwood18d ago

I don’t get the hate on them releasing some of the game when it’s ready as to delaying the whole game. Then again there’s a lot of miserable people out there that are going to Bitch no matter what

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masterfox20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

So they are finally going to copy paste enemy AI code into MP bots seen since OG Xbox Halo 1?

isarai20d ago

Why eventually? It's a behavior i've seen in NPCs since the ps2/xbox, hell Halo 1 bots did this

Rude-ro19d ago

The entire campaign?
You are literally fighting bots in every game with pve.
Just because you can drop them in a PvP map does not make them different.

343_Guilty_Spark19d ago

There were no multiplayer bots.

You are purposely twisting words. Environment Enemy AI does not act like bots.

Bots in Infinite can work toward objectives like capture the flag or strongholds...environment enemy AI holds or guards particular areas and are usually in defensive positions to challenge the User. In Halo Infinite bots will actively seek out human opponents to kill, they will hold positions, and they will engage in objectives. It is not the same.

chiefJohn11718d ago (Edited 18d ago )

They clearly don't play Halo and have no clue wtf they're talking about, just ignore them

Zhipp19d ago

It's a new breed of bot. Iirc they're using machine learning to make their behavior more human-like and adaptable. The negative to employing new methods like this means certain features than were standard using the old system have to be redeveloped.

We saw similar stuff in the graphics department when devs were making the switch to HD and some features had to be cut in the process.

Magog20d ago

One more missing feature for the pile.

343_Guilty_Spark19d ago

Doesn't say that anywhere in article, you're just hating for the sake of hating. Sad!

Magog19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Thiss was the original source. Mods are on a rampage not letting stories be posted that excerpt from other stories.

Jin_Sakai20d ago

I’ve been playing the tech test and this is the most fun I’ve had since Halo 3. Can’t wait for release!

RaidenBlack19d ago

You missed your '/s'
Or else change your monitor/smartphone you use to watch YT vids.
Even though Halo Infinite is nothing ground breaking to look at ... It definitely doesn't look like Halo 3.
That's like saying Uncharted 4 looks like Uncharted 3.

Sayai jin18d ago

I haven't really bern into Halo since Halo 3. Tried 4 and 5 and those versions never got me hooked. I started the flight preview this werkend and had a lot of fun. Same. I haven't had this much fun with Halo since the third one. Big Team Battle next weekend!

Jin_Sakai18d ago

Can’t wait for BTB! I’m sure it will be tons of fun. I was actually surprised how well it looks and plays. Gameplay is solid and smooth as butter.

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