Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks great on PS5, but what about PC?

Digital Foundry : Kena Bridge of Spirits from Ember Labs finally released this week, initially capturing our attention at the PlayStation 5 gameplay reveal event last year thanks to a visually fresh, appealing presentation. Based on Unreal Engine 4, Kena shines through the artistic accomplishments of the developer, backed by a solid game design and mostly solid performance. However, underlying issues with UE4 do peek through - and they're especially evident on the PC version of the game.

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Hellcat202022d ago

He nit picked the shit out of this game
Almost feel like this dude played a completely different game than I did

Freediver22d ago

His job at eurogamer seems to be to destroy anything that Sony does.

The fact that he said he isn't doing PC vs console reviews of Microsoft games yet continues to do them for Sony games says a lot about his motivations.

porkChop22d ago

What does this game have to do with Sony? They didn't publish it. It's 3rd party.

22d ago
porkChop22d ago

First of all, that has nothing to do with the game not being published by Sony. A technical analysis on a 3rd party indie game doesn't harm Sony in any way. But sure, let's change topics.

"I mean 59 fps, clearly the game is almost unplayable..."

He never said it was unplayable. He said it's been a common issue in UE4 games, and that some devs have found ways around it. He even highlighted Sony Bend as one of the devs that solved it. Yet he's destroying Sony... right.

The whole point of a technical analysis is to highlight any issues, big or small. He's nitpicking because the issues are so small, which is a good thing. That means the game doesn't suffer from any big, noticeable issues.

Honestly it's sad. Every time they talk about a Sony game they get bashed for being Microsoft shills. But then when they say a game performs better on PlayStation they get bashed for being PlayStation fanboys. And god forbid they say something positive about a PC version because then they get bashed for being unfair and elitist.

Like seriously, get over yourselves. A millisecond of stutter once every half hour or whatever in some indie game isn't going to damage Sony, a multi billion dollar company. The delusion on this site is getting more and more pathetic by the day.

22d ago
porkChop22d ago

He didn't cherry pick anything. It's a technical analysis. The whole point is to see how the game performs and report any issues regardless of size.

And no, he didn't make a big deal about them. He said they were there, and that they can be patched. Do you have any idea how many small things get fixed in games because sites like Digital Foundry point them out to the devs? This is their job. If you don't understand the point of an analysis that's your problem, not Alex's.

andyo1321d ago

Lol what are you on about? Console wars are for children. He's just giving an in detail analysis for people who are interested.

septemberindecember21d ago


Alex and the whole Digital Foundry team regularly talk about Switch's poor frame pacing issues with ports. They've said it's a "known issue" and several devs have explained even why it still happens. Yet they still mention it. In crysis they mentioned it going from 30 to 31 fps inconsistently. Does this mean they are against Nintendo? No...they are telling me, the consumer, what I want to know.

People complain about sites not covering technical things in games enoght. But Digital foundry does cover things, big or small, and let's the consumer decide what's important to them. If it isn't important to you good! But it isn't "anti Sony".

Also, Alex is well known in the PC fanspace and he talked about the several issues PC has, like how it turns off a form of ambient occlusion when you turn volumetric fog to medium. It was a small thing yet he still mentioned it.

ecchiless21d ago

this, he is a fking xbot shill, loved when Michael roasted.

bouzebbal21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I never watched a tech video that’s not what interests me to begin with.. saving myself a few clicks.. too many forgot that gaming isn’t about technical achievements but the depth of the game itself..

AKS20d ago

@Freediver Alex is mostly a PC gamer, not an Xbox fan. He gave a fairly positive assessment of Returnal, and this was during the span of time where many were just regurgitating the 1080p crap. He was impressed with the game and was eager to play it again even with a controller on console, not his preference typically. The title of the DF video was "Returnal: Housemarque Pushes PlayStation 5 HARD - With Spectacular Results."

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LordoftheCritics22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

The game did have a hitch feeling to it on the trailers. I called it out and someone said it has a high frame rate option. That is not the same. Can have high frame rate+hitch feeling.

I think DF does a good deep review on graphics. I don't see an agenda.

Looks incredible though.

Orbilator22d ago

Well I just wonder what spec the £360 pc is he using it to compare to this ps5 game with a pc. I know your gonna moan at me but there's no reason to compare this with pc and it should always be separate. I'm sure if the ps5 cost 1200 pounds then this would embarrass most pc versions, but it isn't , it's a £360 console and should never be used as a compare, just this loser at df slatting Sony as usual.. they don't even hide it any more

21d ago
Zhipp21d ago

I much prefer getting all the info in one video vs having to watch several different ones to see how the settings on PC compare.

21d ago
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masterfox22d ago

I think he contradict himself at the beginning of the video, he start mentioning not too much tech to be seen here, and then he goes into talking of lots of new details for this game that sets is apart from other Unreal Engine games, so yeah not too much tech to be seen here right?, just Pixar quality realtime gameplay that's all 😄

porkChop22d ago

He said there isn't a lot of *new* tech. And he said what sets the game apart is how it executes the existing tech.

XxINFERNUSxX22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

UE4 always had some issues with stutter and it has shit AA, TAA is terrible but on PC you can disable that in the engine.ini settings, and use reshades SMAA. Looks the best on PC as always.
I'm playing it now at 1080p 360hz (wish it hit 360fps 😁) everything maxed using dx11 with reshade and getting fps in the 100s with some dips in the 90s cause of the engine, using a 3070 + 5950x overall the game is fun so far😁

Nakiro22d ago

Not to be rude but nobody cares about what your PC is running.

Zhipp21d ago

*console fanboys don't care.

Nakiro21d ago

It's like a weekly occurrence at this point.

Go through his comment history, nearly half the posts are about what hardware he's using or how well his games do or don't run.

Fntastic22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

there's like a 4ms difference between 160hz and your 360hz screen dude, you should've gone 1440p or 4k high hz.


Yes but I do play Paladin's a competitive game and having this high hz monitor is amazing, I did notice a difference going from 240 to 360 its feels much smoother

eaze201322d ago (Edited 22d ago )

The game looks really nice, but the controls are not that good on PC.

Magog22d ago

Might look fine in PC but without the full Dualsense integration it's missing a key element.


Don't need a PS5's dualsense controller on PC to have a good experience, I could care less about it. In fact I turn off even the cheesy rumble option in all my games don't care about it. I just like to play with the controller and that's it. Using a steelseries Stratus duo, before that a 360 pad

-Hermit-22d ago

I have never understood the appeal of it. It drains battery power quicker for a start, and why would anybody want to hold a vibrator in their hand when playing video games?

BioShockGX22d ago

There are barely any dualsense integration in Kena, only when you swing with R2 and it's getting annoying because I can't disable it from in game.

Magog22d ago

We use haptics on all of Kena’s abilities and shield, and at the moment we use the adaptive triggers when using the bow. You have a little bit of resistance on the right trigger that tightens as you full draw. When you do have the string fully drawn the bow has more power and more accuracy and you’ll feel that tension in the trigger as you pull back. There are some fun minigames too; these train you up to use the bow

-Hermit-22d ago

"Might look fine on pc, but the rest of my post is just me being a Playstation fanboy"

Gamer7522d ago

I'm sure that people will cope without dualsense, just like people have for decades of playing videogames

Zhipp21d ago

Wait a while and they'll probably patch it in. Devs are starting to include full dual sense support in their PC versions.

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