New Prototype Footage, Screens Leaked

Left homeless after Sierra bit the dust, it looks like Activision are going to hang onto Prototype, and will be showing it off at CES early next year. How do we know this? The game's website told us all about it.

It also left a bunch of new media - not intended to be shown until CES - for the game just lying around. Hit the jump, then, for both new screens and new footage (note: not a trailer, since it's a raw collection of gameplay footage).

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DJ3601d ago

That one year delay definitely did a lot of good. It looks like a worthy contender against Infamous now.

Karum3601d ago

Nevermind contender, I plan on buying both as long as Prototype lives up to it's early promise. Been interested in it for a long time and in infamous since it was announced and something fairly drastic would need to come to light for me not to buy both :D

Shane Kim3601d ago

No thanks, just give me InFamous.

Karum3601d ago

Nice to see some info and some news on this game, I remember looking at it when it was first announced and was really interested in it.

Radiodread3601d ago

They are both about people with special abilities, a kind of two different flavors of the genre.

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