Gaming Heaven : Gothic 3:Forsaken Gods Review

John Erikson writes "The original Gothic was released in 2001 and quickly became a favourite with RPG fans. In 2006 the quality suffered with Gothic 3, a game which was riddled with design flaws, bugs and logistical issues. This year Indian developer Trine Games have taken over from Piranha Bytes and are releasing Forsaken Gods, a standalone title. Is it any good?

The story of Forsaken Gods follows the exploits of the Nameless Hero, a warrior whose reputation was forged during the years of conflict between Humans and Orcs. The task in this game is to reunite the land of Myrtana which is being torn apart by the battles of three warlords, Lee, Gorn and Thorus. To achieve this the Nameless Hero has to get stronger and rebuild his magical, combat and trading abilities, then become a mediator between the three warlords."

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