'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' is PlayStation's Zelda, but there's a catch | Inverse

PlayStation exclusive 'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' channels the spirit of 'The Legend of Zelda' to create one of this generation's most exciting new series.

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Rimeskeem21d ago

Stop trying to compare games it's not much alike just so you can get a click.

Gardenia20d ago

Exactly. This game is nothing like Zelda.

darthv7220d ago

I thought it was 3d dot game heroes.

Magog21d ago

It's a Zelda Killer for sure but with new ideas not just ones stolen from Just Cause.

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porkChop20d ago

What game stole what from Just Cause?

Magog20d ago

BOTW stole the hang glider from Just Cause.

porkChop20d ago

Wtf? You do realize that existed in older Zelda games, right? It just wasn't called the paraglider. In Wind Waker for example you could glide/fly in the same way, and that game came out 20 years ago.

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Outlawzz20d ago

Ideas arent "stolen" in video games. It might take inspiration from but to imply "stealing" is a bit childish. I don't see how just cause invented the concept of a hang glider either way, it's something that's already existed. Zelda wind waker had a glider and so do other games.

Nothing is "killing" Zelda lol it's not a competition. They can both be great games and both sell well. Just enjoy the games and stop with the pointless "my game/company is better than yours" finger pointing


Just cause did not invent gliding in games. It has been around for a long time.

--Onilink--20d ago

I gotta say, I’ve seen my fair share of fanboys for every particular console on this site, but you definitely take the top spot haha.

The amount of validation that you try to squeeze out of owning something as simple as a games console from a particular console is quite something to behold

Sayai jin20d ago

You embarrass yourself with each comment. I know the internet grants anonymity, but damn.

pietro121220d ago

It's nothing like Zelda. It's more similar to an action platformer like Jak and Daxter.

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ZetaBlob21d ago ShowReplies(1)

I mean it's fun and so far I'm liking it on PC actually but, it's no where near Zelda. I'm waiting for BotW 2, I wish there were more gameplay trailers for it.

Terry_B20d ago

No..its absolutely not and the comparison alone is already idiotic.

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The story is too old to be commented.