Tales of Arise review: Is this the best Tales game yet? | Reno Gazette-Journal

Jason Hidalgo: "As a modern title with the benefit of new technologies, it certainly beats my all-time favorite, Symphonia, in a lot of aspects. But just based on how I felt at the time when I first played through each game, Tales of Arise just falls a bit short of the heights that Symphonia gave me. Then again, Tales of Arise got pretty close. Let’s just say that it’s now my second-favorite game in the series."

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Seraphim68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

absolutely not the best Tales of game imo. Though, it's still a solid title worth playing & a darn tootin good game. for the record I've cleared the side content available so far and I've went through some of the last area.

Goodkush68d ago

Did you feel the need to buy any of the micro transactions? Like in your opinion do they seem worth it?


Levii_9268d ago

Well if you did that wouldn't you say that Arise has the best gameplay, fighting, world, graphics and vastly superior dungeons compared to the previous games ? I'd say that makes it pretty close to being the best one if not THE best in the series.

ecchiless68d ago

no, for me Berseria have better story and characters, the plot is much better on berseria, Arise however have better graphics(like it should).

Also Berseria OST, Opening is much better.

TheColbertinator68d ago

Graces F is still the best Tales game for me due to the characters but Arise was fantastic too.

RPGer68d ago

As for graphics, settings and battle system and fluency and combos, yes absolutely by far.

But when it comes to characters, villians, and story these elments are just too shallow to care about, I can literally explain whole Arise story and character's "depth" in 2 pages (with double space).

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