Left 4 Dead Anti-Cheat Fix Released For Xbox 360

Valve has issued a server-side fix to stop cheaters from taking advantage of Left 4 Dead exploits on the Xbox 360. Reported cheats allowed players to spawn infinite items and enemies in online games.

A follow-up statement from Valve says that the fix has already been deployed to address cheats on dedicated Xbox Live servers, which accounts for the majority of co-op and versus mode play.

It expects to deploy a title update "in the coming days" for Xbox 360 owners playing on user-hosted servers or via system link. Thanks, Valve!

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marison3597d ago

I would love to see the same thing occurring in the other 2 platforms to do a comparison.

drewdrakes3597d ago

Id love to see it for gears 2. I hate cheaters, first offense should get them booted from live.

FantasyStar3597d ago

Getting banned from that game on first offense is a bit harsh. I suggest adopting the 3 strikes rule.

LONEWOLF2313597d ago

Sorry even though i do hate cheaters and glitchers such punishment will never be delivered since you pay for the LIVE services.

Arsenic133597d ago

Now for some DLC. Maybe a day time map? Mall perhaps?...

LONEWOLF2313597d ago

I agree they need to start releasing new co-op scenarios and MORE Vs maps.

FantasyStar3597d ago

L4D begs for a mall-sized map. Pay some homage to Dead Rising.

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kewlkat0073597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

"these guys are "foserious" lol"

Farsendor13597d ago

when you said other platforms was you meaning wii and ps3. anyways just to let you know this isn't microsoft responding to this its valve developer of the game they deserve the credit.

marison3596d ago

have some responsibility and credit on the fast response AND possibility of a update deployment. They help trace the bugs, they help deploy the updates to everyone and they could help in announce what is new about a game.

Imagine something similar occurring on Wii. They have now little space to store save games and downloadable games that are less than 50MB in size. Updates is almost totally discarded, even only by this. I have seen many bugs in Wii games, but till now 0 updates.

I haven't a PS3. Only have played on friends house. I couldn't say nothing about this particular system about updates.

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