Nintendo Switch Online's N64 Game Drip-Feed Needs to Get Better

The mere idea of N64 games finally coming to Nintendo Switch Online seems tantalizing enough, but the delivery raises important questions.

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septemberindecember22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Drip feed isn't good on the consumers end, but I see why they do this. It keeps NSO in the news and keeps interest alive.

It's the difference between VC and a subscription like NSO. For VC it doesn't matter if they drip feed or not because you are only going to buy what you are interested in. For NSO they need to constantly reinvigorate interest to keep people subscribed.

That said, they should not take as long as they have been with these drip feeds. One game a month would be fine, not a random two games every six months. Also, I would love if they put some N64DD games on there. Give us the track editor for F Zero X. Let us play Doshin the Giant on N64 and the original Animal Crossing. Mario Artist can work with the touch screen (hopefully) and Sim City 64 would be interesting.

swifty122d ago


septemberindecember21d ago

I hope they add that! That and 1080 snowboarding would be awesome

swifty121d ago

And KOBE BRYANT in NBA Courtside!!
Man 1996-98 was amazing as a kid, so many WOW type games. Wayne Gretzkys 3D Hockey. Blew my mind!

SoulWarrior22d ago

What is also a joke is the fact that europe is being left with the 50hz PAL versions, slowdown included, if Nintendo can do the bare minimum, they will.

Magog22d ago

It's tied to a subscription. Of course they will release them as slowly as possible.

DefaultComment22d ago

Thank you! This is a comment with common sense...why is so hard for other people to understand a simple concept like this one.?

Father__Merrin22d ago

You have to subscribe to get 1 old rom per month seems a neat deal