Gaming Heaven : Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon Review

John Erikson writes "Dawn Of The Dragon is the third title in the Spyro series and the first to be developed by relative unknown Etranges Libellules. Today even though the game ships on the Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 we are going to focus on the 360 & PS3 versions because there are numerous improvements, such as more advanced particle effects and higher resolution textures.

It would be safe to say that Spyro has never looked better with smooth animations, lovely textures and depth of field and bloom in certain situations. Additionally the acting cast combines modern day heroes such as Elijah Wood and Christina Ricci with oldies such as Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman taking up the rear. This A list of acting talent really enhances the story telling and sets the tone for a well scripted and interesting story line."

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