BeQuiet! Reveals New PS5 Cooler

Interesting new hardware update for the PS5 The new cooler by the German manufacturer, known for its premium PC components, is a perfect match needed by savvy gamers who wish to take full advantage of the brand-new PlayStation5 SSD expansion capabilities.

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RaidenBlack25d ago

Will make your living room feel like a library ...

Garethvk25d ago

Just not sure I want to crack the case and hear "oh you voided the warranty".

isarai24d ago

What are you two talking about?

Garethvk24d ago

I believe he is saying it will make it quiet enough for a Library use. I am saying if you open it up to install; Sony can say you voided the warranty by opening it up.

Profchaos24d ago

Opening up and installing a SSD does not void the warranty. There's a certain layer of the console hardware that if you open past that point and it's marked by a sticker you void it i.belive it's something below the fan or possibly the fan.

In short it's disinged for you to put a SSD in like the PS4 and the PS3 before it Sony have always allowed this practice. some misinformation there.

EvertonFC24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

They passed that law change regarding void warrenty if you open up a electrical appliance 5/10 years ago 😂🤣

24d ago
dumahim24d ago


The law wasn't changed. It's been that way for decades. The FTC sent letters to some companies a few years ago telling them that it is illegal. It's been part of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act which has been around since 1975.

Smok9124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

That’s BS. You could open up your PS4 and not void the warranty why would the PS5 when it’s designed to be opened to at the very least be cleaned and maintained.

dbcoops24d ago

Nope you are allowed to open the case and install an SSD that's why Sony put it there, you will not void the warranty.

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dbcoops24d ago

BeQuiet is just the company name it has nothing to do with making an SSD quieter SSD's don't make any noise in the first place and PS5 is already pretty much silent.

KingofBandits24d ago

Coil whine aside you mean, PS5 is much quieter then PS4/Pro at their launches but is far from silent. the Series X is truly silent. I have been around a bunch of PS5's and each are noisy in different ways.

Babadook723d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Coil whine is mighty rare. If XSX is quieter than my ps5 it’s not worth bragging about. My ps5 is literally quieter than my oled panel and router.

dbcoops23d ago


Yeah coil whine is definitely aside because its so rare it doesn't even factor into the conversation. PS5's are extremity hard to come by but you been around a "bunch of them", sure whatever you say bud, lol

DarthMarvin24d ago

*SSD cooler. Your title as written is completely unrelated to the product.

KeeseToast24d ago

It's not even a new product, they just released a video on how to put it in your PS5

ElvisHuxley23d ago

More than likely intentionally so, gaming media is basically no different than the CNNs of the "real news" world. At least with Fox and MSNBC, everyone knows what they are, and they don't pretend to be anything different. If you want to be a ragebait factory whose only interest is generating as many clicks as possible, ethics be damned, that's fine, just don't pretend like you're something legit. Part of this is our fault as well, since most people don't make it past the headline, but on the other hand, who can blame them?

jznrpg24d ago

Article is bad . It’s a SSD heat sink and it’s not new .

gamesftw25024d ago

That's a clickbait title if I have ever seen one.

enkiduxiv24d ago

The product name is BeQuiet! How is this a clickbait title?

porkChop24d ago

It's called a heatsink, not a cooler. A cooler is a very different type of product.

DarthMarvin23d ago

@porkChop THAT is your problem with the title? Wat?

Godmars29024d ago

Odd you have to assemble the thing.

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