Uncharted : Drake's Fortune new Screens

A few new screens from Naughty Dog's PS3 project, which was revealed back in E3 2006, and recently supposed to be titled Uncharted : Drake's Fortune

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DJ4904d ago

but still good. I'm really impressed with the realistic fog they put in. Can't wait to see what the game looks like now. *crosses fingers for GDC*

Raist4904d ago

GDC ftw !

The four first screens are new btw. Actually i've never seen those scenes in the E3 2006 trailer.

I like the atmosphere of this game, i hope it'll rock (but i'm sure ND will deliver, they always do)

techie4904d ago

Wow - it looks amazing. Really colourful and bright, with nice shading and shadows. And the textures are immense :)

InMyOpinion4904d ago

to have a lead character that's obviously [email protected] Btw, how come you're not allowed to write the word [email protected] with an "a"?

Raist4904d ago

Well at least he doesn't look like a dumb space marine ripped off from Starcraft :D

techie4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Why is he obviously [email protected]?

ASTAROTH4904d ago

Its just the reflect of the shiny jungle that make it looks like you. Obiously its not your fault that you look like that.LOL! FANATICS...

MySwordIsHeavenly4904d ago

The "a" that used to connect itself with that word has actually found a new home in your avatar...

Fifty bucks says this game rocks hardcore.

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The story is too old to be commented.