5 Reasons Windows 11 Will Be Great For Gaming

GameByte writes: "Windows 11 is just around the corner, and it's looking like good news for gamers. Here’s how Windows 11 will make PC gaming even better."

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RockHudson24d ago

"Here’s how Windows 11 will make PC gaming even better."
no chance

SickSinceSix24d ago

I saw a video showing CPU cores aren't utilised well for older games that use older Direct X (8 and before iirc) resulting in performance drops compared to Windows 10.
I wonder if they've updated this after the beta.

slowgamer24d ago

Old games don't really need 8 cores or 16 threads. perhaps if you try to run 300 fps but haven't really seen much of an difference to win 10 performance with new or older games. When you get used to those icons in taskbar being in the middle then you don't even remember that you "upgraded" unless you change your wallpaper to something fresh. =P
In the future difference could be bigger with games perhaps supporting direct storage and stuff.

blacktiger24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

hahahaha Microsoft with Windows YEAH RIGHT!
Steam Deck with multi-boot I'd take that!

NeoGamer23224d ago

Comparing a portable device with an operating system? OK.