Stephen King, David Lynch, & The Art That Inspired 'Silent Hill'

In the late '90s, survival horror was a burgeoning trend on home video game consoles. While there'd been numerous forays into horror gaming previously, it was the enormous success of Capcom's Resident Evil that proved the genre could be commercially viable as well as critically lauded.

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eaze201323d ago

This is really good! Really enjoyed reading it!

mikefizzled123d ago

A rare piece of genuine thought and writing on here

sertz23d ago

Loved this. Need more of these kind of well thought out articles, and less of the clickbait vapid ones.

Knushwood Butt21d ago

A good read.

A couple of inaccuracies though, one being that Dario Argento didn't direct Demons: he was producer or executive producer.