Ace Gamez Review: Scene It? Box Office Smash

Ace Gamez: " Scene It? Box Office Smash, like its predecessor, Lights, Camera, Action, comes in two flavours; an under £20 standalone trivia game and a higher priced box set that contains the game and four of Microsoft's Big Button Pads, a remote control style re-imagining of the original controllers that's designed to appeal to a wider audience of non-gamers who shy away from the average game pad. Both versions of the software offer the same thing though; straight up movie trivia through a series of rounds and puzzles for one to four people.

Well, the game says one to four people, but it's no surprise that single player Scene It isn't exactly a fascinating experience, despite a solo high score mode. Just like the successful board game franchise that Scene It is based upon, the real fun here is just as much about playing with friends as it is about the game itself. As with most trivia games, the formula of the more people, the better it is, holds true here, and while the game is fun with two players, it really shines with four or more (you can always double up on the controllers in a party situation). Xbox Live play is also included and works well, although the effect of the game is diminished significantly when the other players aren't in the same room; multiplayer trivia simply doesn't feel as competitive when you can't see your competitors, although the mode is still a thoughtful and welcome inclusion.

The game itself is a fairly straightforward affair that will be familiar to anyone who has played a console or even a DVD trivia game in the past, consisting of three rounds plus a final round with the highest score determining the winner. Exactly how you play depends upon the settings you choose and Scene It offers a reasonable amount of customisation. Game modes are split simply between long and short games, although the short mode seems to only come in at about five minutes less playing time than the long mode, so there's not as much distinction as you might have hoped for. Similarly, there are no options to choose a custom length or define the number of rounds to play."

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