Official Key Art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Revealed

Warner Bros. Games and DC today debuted the official key art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the genre-bending action-adventure shooter.

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Magog115d ago

This one is co-op, right? I'll be keeping my eye on it.

RaidenBlack115d ago

One of my most anticipated game.
C'mon Rocksteady!

nyckrazy115d ago

The 2nd film FLOPPED. This is bad timing....

bangoskank115d ago

But it was great. I think word of mouth will give it a broader following once it starts streaming again and is available on Blu-ray

MightyHealthy115d ago

The movie was good tho, im not sure what happened....
The first suicide squad, which imo was not good,brought in a huge box office....
Anyway, im so hoping this games the t!ts

RaidenBlack114d ago

The first Suicide Squad was a torture at the theaters.
This new one is substantially better.
The game'll be even better, given Rocksteady's track record.