Hideaki Nishino Q&A: Developing PlayStation System Software Updates

Behind-the-scenes insight into the design process of the September Update’s headline features.

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darthv7224d ago

I really hope they can apply the same fix to the PS3. i know im in the minority but I still use my PS3 seeing as its the only way for me to play the physical and digital games i have for it.

Magog24d ago

The article is about the PS5 software update.

19d ago
Magog24d ago

I'm surprised they didn't mention the 3%~ performance increase. Small but very welcome!

Lore24d ago

Really want them to make majority of the trophies visible on the entire screen. And if we want more detailed info on the trophy then either click on it or hover over it long enough to show more details. But no more of this scroll for 10 seconds to find the one we’re looking for nonsense