This new PS5 game might be the most realistic looking game ever

If you've been looking for a game to show off the graphical power of the PS5, Ride 4 looks amazing.

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OG_TK_Cole73d ago

I cant front this looks good.

SullysCigar73d ago

Could be mind-blowing in VR. Sony have said they're doing a massive push on 'hybrid' games (flat and VR), like Hitman 3, GT Sport and Resident Evil 7.

I wouldn't bet against something like Ride 4 getting a day one patch at PSVR2 launch.

fr0sty72d ago

Give us a VR capable road rash that looks this good!

Cyclindk272d ago

Wait… how do we know THIS isn’t PS5 VR.. right now… it’s too real!

JustTheFax72d ago

lol because you need an actual VR helmet to experience VR?! 🤦‍♂️

dumahim72d ago

The only thing I could see to make it even better is more water spray from the bikes ahead and reflection of the rider in the mirros.

1Victor72d ago

Don’t forget actual hands movements they look like a doll’s hand the game don’t show down/up shifts and break movements

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RaidenBlack73d ago

Gotta agree ... looks awesome

GamerRN72d ago

Looks decent. Racing games with fixed tracks always should look the best, and historically have represented the best graphics of each generation. Although lately they have fallen out of favor.

PrinceOfAnger72d ago

Looks really good but game also coming to PC Xbox series The title make it sound like game is exclusive to ps5 even in the tags he mention only one system ps5 lol

RaidenBlack72d ago

Yea, true ... saw few PC 4K videos after this one. Actually it looks more convincing when the rain effects get turned on during the race. On a bright daylight setting it looks just ok.

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Magog73d ago

From that screencap not so much. TLOU2 looks more realistic. So does Watch Dogs Legion.

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ElvisHuxley73d ago

Neither of those games are even trying to look realistic. They have heavy art focus. High quality visuals isn't necessarily tantamount to realism.

Magog73d ago

I think they both were going for realism. It's just that it's harder with people not in helmets. 🙄

LucasRuinedChildhood73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

The best looking, most detailed AAA games out there like TLOU2 and RDR2, while incredible looking, don't literally look real. They can't fool your mind.

I have to say, this footage is insane. Very convincing. I wonder if the illusion is maintained when you crash.

EDIT: at 3:47, it still looks mostly real when he crashes besides the human ragdoll clipping the bike.

Magog73d ago

The lack of any sort of motion blur makes this look very video gamey and thus very fake.

Angyobangyo72d ago

@Magog, because nothing screams real life like motion blur.

“makes this look very gamey” you don’t say!

13sentinel72d ago

Without a shadow of a doubt.

poppatron73d ago

Find it hard to believe you truly believe that. The lighting and weather effects alone in this vid are insane. Don’t get me wrong tlou looks great, super rich detailed environments that are pretty much unmatched anywhere, but it still has a somewhat cg style (I don’t know how to describe it). But this looks so real. At least it does on my phone screen, I’ll be hunting for this in 4K on you tube to watch on the tv later

Neonridr73d ago

did you watch the vid though?

babadivad72d ago

When paused it doesn't look that impressive. In motion it looks very realistic(excluding the bike).

CrimsonWing6972d ago

Granted I’m looking off my phone but if you didn’t tell me that was a game I’d think I’m looking at go-pro footage.

Josoap72d ago

I agree. Bicep rendering in TLOU2 out of this world

dbcoops72d ago

Watch the video not the screencap.

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iplay1up273d ago

Looks great! It is also coming to Series S/X though. The new Gen update drops January 21st.

ScootaKuH72d ago

On SX I think it's going to look more realistic than real life

InUrFoxHole72d ago

Good to know. Gonna pick this up on series x. Looks great. Ps5 is gonna have some great looking games this gen!