Ace Gamez Review: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Ace Gamez: " It was a collision of worlds celebrated by some but regarded with disdain by most when Midway's Ed Boon announced that the newest addition to the Mortal Kombat franchise would feature a selection of characters from DC Comics. Eyebrows shot up with superhuman speed, chins were rubbed until they were raw and, for a short time, the console-playing community held its collective breath, awaiting the much-anticipated line-up. Unfortunately, once said line-up was announced, the hype degenerated into a more restrained "Meh" and the doubts began to solidify before most magazines had even received preview code.

The problem wasn't necessarily the marrying of universes (I mean, who wasn't looking forward to Superman vs. Scorpion?) but rather the unavoidable question of how? How would Midway come up with a credible storyline to explain the intertwining of two such radically different worlds? How could they persuade us to suspend our disbelief and accept that the Man of Steel could be effectively bitch-slapped by any of Mortal Kombat's eccentric hardcases? I mean, he's Superman, for goodness' sake! The answer, we discovered, was that - without beating around the bush - they couldn't. Instead we got what we feared; some ham-fisted, throwaway plot about Outworld portals and DC "Boom Tubes" reacting with one another - and Superman's weakness? Magic, apparently, with nary a nugget of Kryptonite in sight."

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