Crystal Dynamics are the perfect choice to rescue the Perfect Dark reboot

In a shocking announcement made late yesterday evening, Microsoft’s premier studio, The Initiative, announced that Square Enix-owned developer Crystal Dynamics would be brought in to help with the development of Perfect Dark. The Initiative, which was founded in 2018, was touted as Microsoft’s triple-A developer, tasked with making groundbreaking Xbox-exclusive games that would rival Sony’s in-house titles such as Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us.

Now, just three years after The Initiative’s founding, its reboot of the beloved Perfect Dark series looks like it is in more than a little bit of trouble. In fairness, the writing has been on the wall for several months now. Drew Murray, a co-founder of The Initiative and lead designer on Perfect Dark, left the studio in February 2021, shortly after the game was unveiled at The Game Awards with a vague CGI trailer.

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Carnifex1033d ago

The way this is being presented in the media is wrong. The question should be why is it that Microsoft "AAAA" studio can't get the job done on it's own? And why can't Microsoft with it's 20 studios get it done internally.

How many years has Phil been in charge yet they are still struggling this much to put anything out. And of course it's not just this game Halo's development seems to be in bad shape as well...

RaidenBlack1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Can't say for sure, but as ZetaBlob stated above, Darrell Gallagher was head of Crystal Dynamics before joining The Initiative. So I guess he still has contacts with CD.
And Square Enix presumably wants to recoup back money lost on the Avengers project. Hence, CD offered the supportive, or co- development deal to MS.
And Crystal Dynamics is 340+ employees strong. Need to keep the lights on. Their next Tomb Raider project is years away.
As for, MS internal studios, I think all are occupied with some projects. And Coalition is already helping 343.

Carnifex1033d ago

WTF does Avengers have to do with anything... You have no factual basis to make that claim. Nor can you make any claims about when or even if they are working on a Tomb Raider or any other games. And even then, no one knows what they are even doing on this project.

Stick to what's known instead of fabricating things to try to make a point.

RaidenBlack1033d ago

Calm down Bub. I didn't steal your pet dog or anything.
I just made some assumptions. You asked the questions.
Everybody's similarly clueless here regarding the matter as you are.
The topic's revolving around a dev studio, obviously their past/ongoing games matters.

jBlakeeper1033d ago

A new Tomb Raider game has already been confirmed to be in the works, but even the devs stated it is years away from any news.

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Bruh1033d ago

Theres a lot of turnaround in the gaming industry right now...lots of overworked staffers and this isn't even talking about how awful some of the leadership in these game studios can be. This isn't even exclusive to Microsoft, but its clear when you're bringing in outside help with game development, either you've lost a significant portion of your staff that isn't leadership or the Initiative is doing a ton of projects at the same time

leejohnson2221033d ago

First halo and now pd, you cant ignore poor leadership and inefficient teams who can't for what ever reason deliver a game without 3rd party support

KillBill1032d ago

It has already been said that studios will be allowed independence in their projects. With the number of titles coming out it doesn't make sense to take from a team already working on a project to work on another project when they can simply do what they are doing now.

Seraphim1032d ago

optically it does seem strange. though, keep in mind partnerships do happen from time to time. While Bungie was working with Activision it was an Activision studio that was brought in to beef up content and work/help Bungie with creating their DLC/Seasonal content. While I can't think of other projects jointly made I'm positive there are several others. Also keep in mind that other times games are outright outsourced. Metroid Prime, Uncharted PSVita, Bluepoint with their SotC and Demon's Souls remakes.....

What baffles me is the fact that instead of bolstering the studio with more hands they chose to contract outside help. If anything it almost continues to show how uninterested MS truly is in investing into their own studios. Though, in reality they might just be unable to find the talent they need; which seems unlikely imo. Whatever the case or reasons they're all mute anyway. The only thing that really matters in how this games pans out once it's complete. Is it lightning in a bottle or just another lame attempt at rebooting an old IP. Only time will tell....

gamer78041032d ago

Even some AAA studios like naughtdog needed multiple studios to help with the last of us 2, this is not a new concept

porkChop1032d ago

Xbox's other studios all have multiple projects in development and are likely too busy to help right now. I thought it was strange at first, but others have pointed out that it isn't that uncommon. Crystal Dynamics has worked as a support team before, and some of their former devs work at The Initiative.

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isarai1033d ago

You sure about that? Their games have gotten progressively worse till we got the absolute crap pancake that was the avengers. Plus why does the "AAAA" studio need a help partnership from an external studio? Thought it was supposed to be MSs biggest?

darkrider1033d ago

There no AAAA studio.... that's just PR from Microsoft...

Carnifex1033d ago

I think that's the point. It makes this news even stranger because Microsoft made all these claims.

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Magog1033d ago

3 years of development hell and now another team has to come in to rescue the game? If this is "AAAA" gaming I don't want it.

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moriarty18891032d ago

this is becoming the MS standard.

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