Microsoft May Unveil Gaming Zune at CES

Portable Video Gamer Writes:

"Today, some juicy rumors have surfaced sugesting that a Microsoft handheld might not be far off. Financial analyst Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities suggests that Microsoft is redying a device with iPhone-like specificaitons. The phone/multimedia/gaming device would feature a sliding keyboard and an accelerometer.

Most interesting is the recent news that Nvidia has been contracted to produce 3D acceleration chips for a new Microsoft handheld device. Apparently the new Nvidia Tegra chip will be used in this phone/gaming hybrid."

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clinker3597d ago

It makes total sense to me that Microsoft would want to enter the handheld gaming space. They want to compete against the iPhone, and they already have a pretty strong gaming platform (XBLA) to capitalize on. So why not?

Nathan Drake3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Ds sales are almost at the 90 million mark.iPhone sales are nowhere near the 20 million mark,so it does make sense that Microsoft would be competing with them(Considering Zune sales are nowhere near the 5 million mark)

solidsnakus3597d ago

yea seing as ps2 completely dominated the market i dont know why ms would even try releasing the 360.. oh wait, ps3 sales arent even close to 360s. makes no sence accroding to you.

kewlkat0073597d ago

see Apple is still in the game....

Leathersoup3597d ago

I think you're right. It's already known that Microsoft is making the Zune phone, I'm guessing they'll just turn it into their portable gaming unit as well.

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DJ3597d ago

And I'm hoping the PSP does something similar. The Zune's a great product, so a Zune device that works for gaming and phone functionality.

Two potential setbacks may be the qwerty keyboard functionality and the game controls making the device overly large, but that can probably be alleviated by having a touch screen and simplifying the button layout.

Bladestar3597d ago

YOU! STOP! Who are you and what did you do with the real DJ!?

hah! if you think you are going to trick us into thinking that you are DJ who's always bashing microsoft you are dead wrong!

DevastationEve3597d ago

Scrolling through letters and numbers to spell out things can be a pain, but Zune is awesome! I've had a Zune Touch now about 6 months, and before that I was one of the people who got the original Zune 30GB.

This will be sad news though, since our Zunes will be SOL as soon as they make something with more buttons. Maybe they need an onscreen key input similar to iPhone's. But then where does the game fit?

Nathan Drake3597d ago

Microsoft are surely going to release a more expensive and gamer oriented Zune in the near future

JOLLY13597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

3 comments in 6 minutes. Is this news story scaring you?

Nathan Drake3597d ago

The truth hurts doesn't it?

xwabbit3597d ago

How was the zune successful lol ? They lost a lot of money with it

DevastationEve3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The Zune is actually a lot cheaper internally compared with the iPhone and iPod Touch. I don't think Microsoft loses money with Zune at all. Apple on the other hand has significantly cut back the price on BOTH products.


as a proud zune owner i love my zune, i had the 1st gen gen and i passed it on to my brother, now i have the 80GB zune, now im not much on the icrash but i think its dumb, apple has no place in the gaming world

Leathersoup3597d ago

I'm not so sure Apple is losing money on their products either. The reason they were able to charge as much as they were for them is that there was no sufficient competition. Why make a little profit when you can make a ton. "Bend over!"

Tiberium3597d ago

that would be awesome. They better make it touchscreen. and for god's sake make a decent internet browser with a youtube channel.I can't stand to browse on my psp, slow as hell.

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Citizen Cook3597d ago

Not really interested in handhelds full stop.

Shane Kim3597d ago

Yeah I think its better for you too. Be ready with the $$$ when MS drops 360 to support 720.

Wenis3597d ago

Please God, dont bother releasing it. The 360 dpad is awful, I press down and I always go down and left, etc. At least choose something else instead or it will be impossible to play games on it.

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