5.8 You're In The Movies Xbox 360 Review

Microsoft has released a new game which finally makes use of the Xbox Vision Camera in You're In The Movies, which is basically a collection of mini-games to try and put the camera to use on the Xbox 360.

Up to this point, the Xbox Vision Camera has not been used all that much in many games. The only real use it has had was with video chats over Xbox Live with friends, but that is about it.


The whole idea behind the game and the set-up of it is interesting, but there are many things which will hold this back in the long-run from allowing families and casual gamers to have a lot of fun with this. The game does not have the depth, it is not technologically advanced enough, and the output of what you get for putting the work in is not worthy of the price tag unfortunately.

This is an interesting idea to say the least as it definitely is an innovative game, there really hasn't been any attempt to put gamers in a movie such as this before, besides some of the EyeToy stuff from Sony. In the end though, the implementation of it is unfortunately not of high-enough quality to make this warrant the $70 price tag.

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