EU PS3 owners in limbo over absent Street Fighter HD

European PS3 fans are still no closer to knowing when they'll be able to play stupendous downloadable fighting game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix after both Capcom and Sony were today unable to offer any update on the game's release.

SSF2THDR, released across all territories on Xbox LIVE on November 26, is available to download on the US PlayStation store, but has so far mysteriously not appeared on the EU PlayStation store.

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Cyber Gamer3598d ago

i guess i'll give up my hopes for this game and wait for street fighter 4 2 come out lol

3598d ago
pspup3598d ago

Cant you just add another account and download it from the yank store?

GVON3598d ago

yeah but why should we,I'm pissed off and it's not there tomorrow no sale.

austere3598d ago

might as well. Takes like 30 seconds to set up an account for another region. Just make a US account and D/L. It is actually useful since other countries sometimes get demos earlier. I have a US account and a Japan account since they sometimes get demos before us.

GVON3598d ago

I got the account but the American store doesn't accept cards from outside of the US.

hay3598d ago

I've bought it from US PSN without any problems using credit card. And it's not the first game I've bought that way.

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LeShin3598d ago

Used my Entropay account to buy it from the US store. That and Soldner-X. I had a feeling SCEE would let me down......again.......for the millionth time!

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The story is too old to be commented.