Sony Offering $1 for 1 Month of PlayStation Plus Subscription for a Limited Time

Sony is offering one month of PlayStation Plus subscription for just $1 but for a very limited time. Details and link available now.

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FallenAngel198421d ago

Nice I’ll use this just to get my saves to the cloud

excaliburps21d ago

This is dead useful for those who want to test out the PS Plus games.

VersusDMC21d ago

Well only the plus games for this month and next month. You don't have access to every plus game that was ever released. Unless you were on plus before and added games to your library. Those would still be accessible.
And what ever plus discounts are on right now as well.

badz14920d ago


If you have the PS5, you will have access to the PS+ collection games too

gamesftw25021d ago

Why can't the PS5 have USB save files :(

badz14920d ago

What do you mean? You can still use any USB stick to transfer saves

RedDevils20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

hmm...I see your problem. It's seem you don't have a PS5 in your possession.

Magog21d ago

Already have several things to years stacked via CDkeys at like $22/year.

Nitrowolf221d ago

Yeah CD usually has really good deals too

JEECE21d ago

Haha yeah I think mine is good until sometime in 2024. Next time I see them at that rate I'll probably add a few more years. You can kind of do the same thing with Gamepass, albeit with a smaller discount. You can sometimes find the 3-month ultimate keys (MSRP: $45) for ~$30 and stack them up.

EvertonFC21d ago

CDkeys great, I was nervous the 1st time as I thought it might be a scam but I've used them a good 5 years now £32 UK bargain.

justadelusion21d ago

This. More ppl need to do this as PS plus normal price is a complete and utter rip off for the service you get

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Escamotage21d ago

Apparently you can't stack. I already have PS+ and when I went to the page, the "buy" button said "owned."

SegaSaturn66921d ago

Yeah, I noticed this a while ago. Shame they won't let us take advantage.

anast21d ago

i was going to ask this. @Thanks Esca

Abnor_Mal21d ago

Thats cool and all, but what about a discount on the yearly subscription. My Plus is about to finally run out the end of January next year after five years.

akurtz21d ago

Check out cd keys around black friday, or anywhere around black friday. You can get the year sub for atleast 50% off.

VersusDMC21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

39% off on CD keys right now for a year.
There will probably be a sale on Plus before January though if you dont trust Cdkeys. Black friday or Boxing Day.

And Plus is always on sale every year on the Days of Play sales in June or July for future reference.

Abnor_Mal21d ago

@akurtz & VersusDMC I've never used CD Keys before but have heard of them. Last year my cousin tried to buy a year sub from thr but for some reason every attempt failed, so he just gave up.

I guess I missed the Days of Play promotion because I never seen it or I would have gotten a few more years right then and there.

I guess i will have to keep a close watch around Black Friday for any sales. Although it has passed, I wonder what was the price during the Days of Play sale.

EvertonFC21d ago

CDkeys just send the code to your mobile

VersusDMC21d ago

It was 45 for a year on the days of play for this year.

EvertonFC21d ago

Get 12months over black friday PS plus deal or use CDkeys

SonyStyled21d ago

The just had a 50% off sale for two weeks for a years subscription. I’m guessing you didn’t see the notification when you signed online? North American region anyway. Unsure if it was offered elsewhere

Abnor_Mal20d ago

I checked out the last few sakes but didn't notice any banners for Plus, it might have been during a down time where I didnt turn my system on for a week or two. No worries, I'll just keep my eyes open from now.

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InUrFoxHole21d ago

Wtf?!?!?! I just purchased a yr lol. Oh well

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