First Footage of Battlefield Mobile Gameplay Leaks Out

Our first look at Battlefield Mobile gameplay has surfaced online from some leaked play test footage.

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LordoftheCritics25d ago

How do people even play these shooters on mobile?

RaidenBlack25d ago

Think of something like the PSP shooters but with a slight change in controls.

blacktiger24d ago

and mobile accept mouse and keyboard so I don't know, touch screen sucks

Amplitude24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I play a TON of CoD mobile. I personally use touch aim mixed with gyro. I ADS and just point my phone by physically moving it 1:1 to keep the reticle on target.

When you get good with it it's (gonna get some disagrees for this one) quite honestly as accurate as a mouse - at least for me. Certainly more accurate than an analog that's for sure. Killzone 2 sniping is actually what introduced me to it lol. It's so good that I've switched to PC as my main this gen so I can enable gyro aim in all my controller FPS games.
It's niche and a bit weird at first but try it out!

koko_198823d ago

In Call of Duty Mobile u can change fire to auto-shoot, so when u aim your weapon to enemy it will fire automatically

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RaidenBlack23d ago

Asian market says, "Sold! We'll take the whole lot!"

deadfrag23d ago

Nintendo Switch to be version.