The Initiative is partnering with Crystal Dynamics on Perfect Dark reboot

The Initiative writes: "Perfect Dark update! We are partnering with Crystal Dynamics, the world class team behind character-driven games such as Tomb Raider, to bring this first-person spy thriller to a new generation."

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ZetaBlob22d ago

Sounds like those rumours of MS buying SE might be true...

Sonyslave322d ago (Edited 22d ago )

True but at same time the head of this studio use to be lead designer at Crystal Dymanics. Idk we probably got to wait n see if Ms brought Square but it do look weird for another studio from an outside source to help instead of Zenimax.

TheExecutioner21d ago

Because the studio is shit and cannot do it alone

DeathTouch22d ago

Japanese government would never allow for that.

Orchard22d ago

Why not? Microsoft has a corporation in Japan (MSKK) and has acquired Japanese companies before.

PrinceAli22d ago

You guys disagreeing with this REALLY need to brush up on you Japanese laws lool... They really wont let it happen

Sayai jin22d ago

PrinceAli, you are an expert on Japanese law? How? I lived in Japan for 6 years and have life long friends. Two of them are attorneys, one is probate, law, the other a tac attorney. One is a avid gamer and we have broached this convo before and yes, Amrrican companies can and have brought Japanese companies.

Sonyslave322d ago

Lol japanese government have no problem of Nividia a American company buying that Chip company Arms from Japanese softbank for 40billions.

But will stop Ms from buying Square which pose no threat to their nation security unlike the Nividia and Arms deal.

Knushwood Butt22d ago

Can you charge consumption tax on second hand games?

21d ago
mikey1521d ago

Orchard5h ago
Why not? Microsoft has a corporation in Japan (MSKK) and has acquired Japanese companies before.***

Oh wow...
In 2011, the company changed its name to Microsoft Japan Company, Limited (日本マイクロソフト株式会社, Nihon Maikurosofuto Kabushiki Kaisha).[14]

Microsoft Japan conducted a trial 4-day work week in summer 2019, granting workers paid leave on Fridays. At the same time it cut the length of most meetings from a full hour to half an hour, and capped attendance at five employees. For the duration of the trial, the company reported a 40% increase in productivity and 23% reduction in electricity costs.[15]
Microsoft Hagaki Studio
Microsoft Hagaki Studio (マイクロソフト はがきスタジオ, Microsoft Postcard Studio) is a discontinued postcard software for printing nengajo (New Year's Day postcard). The software was released only in Japan from 1997 to 2006. It provided the upgrade path from other competitors such as Fudemame (筆まめ) and Fudeoh (筆王),[16] but Microsoft Hagaki Studio 2007 was the last version of the software.[17]

May 13, 2005 - Yoshihiro Maruyama presented the Xbox 360 to the public.
From 2004 to 2009 the company sponsored the Microsoft Cup, a knockout rugby football tournament contested by the best Japanese teams from the Top League.***

Such a thriving go getting Japanese company under Microsoft. lolol

Hatchetforce21d ago

Some propose the idea MS is buying Square. Some say just Eidos. Okay.

But nobody is asking why a custom built from the ground up developer like The Initiative needs help with Perfect Dark. Somebody should be asking if something has gone wrong at the studio. Yeah game companies outsource help but seriously this should be a red flag that something might not be copacetic.

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Zeref22d ago

I don't see how you came to that conclusion, Game companies hire support studios all the time.

TheRealTedCruz21d ago

They're typically smaller studios, or ones designed specifically to assist on large, AAA projects.

They aren't typically studios who also have blockbuster releases under their belt.

Teflon0221d ago

So did Nintendo buy Namco for assisting with Smash Bros? Lol

ElvisHuxley21d ago

Hope springs eternal. Especially with some console fans.

ABizzel122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I doubt it. It's technically possible, it would be one of the only ways for Xbox to ever have a chance at making waves in Japan, and would be highly controversial for the industry.

What's more likely is that Square is selling off Eidos to Xbox. Square honestly hasn't done anything worthwhile with the Eidos IPs except Tomb Raider and Hitman, and they no longer own the rights to Hitman as I/O has gone independent. This would make perfect sense as to why Crystal Dynamics is working with them, not to mention the lead developer for The Initiative was also the former lead dev for Crystal Dynamics so the relationship is already there.

Square wants to get out of western development and focus on Japanese development as they have announced tons of new games from their JP studios, but not a single thing from the Eidos side with Deus Ex being shelved for years now and Crystal Dynamic being on the chopping block after Avengers BOMBED and the last Tomb Raider didn't sell quite as well as they'd wanted.

Finally the Eidos games from Square have been available on almost every streaming service or free membership possible, as they try to make money from those games. So again it just goes to show Square is doing whatever they can to make money off of that studio, because game sales isn't cutting it, and it's an easy plug right into GamePass.

This gets Square a multi-billion dollar check for games and developers they don't know what to do with, and recover all that lost Avengers money from Crystal Dynamics. Meanwhile, Xbox gets the their own Uncharted in the form of Tomb Raider like they always wanted.

Developers / IPs Xbox would gain (I'd say it's anywhere from a $1 - $2.5 billion deal)

Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain, Gex
Eidos Montreal: Deus Ex, Thief
Beautiful Games: Championship Manager

porkChop22d ago

Yeah, idk. Xbox could afford to buy Square Enix but I don't see them doing that. Square Enix selling off Eidos though? I actually could see that. They don't really need Eidos, and haven't really capitalized on the purchase.

I've been hearing a lot of chatter about Xbox making a big acquisition last week, but no one is saying who it was. If it *was* Eidos they overhyped it, because it was made out to be some mind-blowing Bethesda-level acquisition.

ABizzel122d ago


I can't say for sure, but if this was the case, they probably saw Square Enix Europe and get hyped, not realizing it was the Eidos only portion. Tomb Raider is still an iconic franchise, even if it has slightly fallen.

Also if you look at their products released it seems like a big deal with Championship Manager, Deus Ex series, Gex series, Just Cause series, Legacy of Kain series, Thief series, Tomb Raider series, Life Is Strange series, Hitman series, and recently Outriders, Marvel's Avengers, and soon Guardians of the Galaxy (which Square is already probably considering another flop). That looks like a big an impressive buy.

But products released is not the same thing as products owned. The good news would be Xbox gets 2 really solid studios added to their library, and the future of Tomb Raider and possibly Deus Ex. So that's 2 IPs and 2 future new IPs +5 years from now. I feel it's a good move for both companies, but definitely not Bethesda level. I looked at the top 10 publishers and I don't see a single one of them selling off to Xbox, they make billions each year off of single games or a couple of franchises.

1. Sony: Not happening
2. Tencent: Mobile games domination, not happening
3. Activision-Blizzard: COD, not happening (cash cow for Bobby and the boys)
4. Valve: Steam, not happening
5. Nintendo: Laughed them off once, not happening
6. EA: EA Sports, almost as greedy as Bobby
7. Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed, this one is possible, but I don't see it happening
8. Take2: GTA / 2K Sports, the GTA money is too much to let go
9. Square Japan: Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest, Sony and Nintendo would stop this
10. Namco-Bandai: Souls Games / Anime Games, I'm actually surprised they made the top 10

Honorable Mention:
Capcom: Sony and Nintendo would stop this
Sega: Possible, I don't think Sony or Nintendo really care except for 1 or 2 IPs
Konami: Possible, but I think Sony would try to get the IPs first
Koei Tecmo: Possible, I don't think Sony or Nintendo really care, Nioh and Nintendo-Dynasty clones

chronoforce21d ago

Eidos are about to release Guardian of the Galaxy in October. This link up is probably due to the fact that some of the Initiative's lead developers are from crystal and Microsoft already is has a working relationship with the team due to Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Chevalier21d ago


Ubisoft has sold shares to companies like Tencent to prevent any takeovers from happening.

Bandai Namco I think made a 3 way deal with Sony and one other company this summer to help each other if someone tried to purchase them as well.

KillBill21d ago

@ABizzel - "Square Japan: Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest, Sony and Nintendo would stop this" just how exactly do you imagine Nintendo or sony doing anything about MS wanting to buy a studio? If Sony wasn't able to do anything about Bethesda then for sure they are not going to be able to do anything about Square Japan.

rlow121d ago

@ABizzel1 I agree with alot of what you've said, though not sure about MS purchasing them. What a lot of people on here are missing is the size of "The Initiative". They're only about 60 people and as talented as they are, for 60 people to make a Triple A game would be a massive undertaking. If you factor this, then it also makes sense.

21d ago
ABizzel120d ago


If you're not informed enough to be in the conversation, then it's best for you to research on your own, before attempting to add pointless responses to the discussion.

But I'll bite.

The reason Xbox was able to buy Bethesda was because it had nothing to do with Bethesda, it was a buyout from their parent company Zenimax. And Sony nor Nintendo had any reason to block or care, because the games from Bethesda don't make or break their consoles. It's a bee sting for PlayStation, because Elder Scrolls, and Fallout are big software sellers, and they had a 2 game timed exclusive deal with them for Deathloop and Ghostwire, but it was never a studio they felt would make or break them, and this is even more true for Nintendo.

Square; however, is self owned, and has significantly greater relationships with PlayStation and Nintendo, and their games have a huge impact on the PlayStation and Nintendo audience with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest alone being defining franchises for those consoles in their home regions, so they wouldn't want Square to be acquired by a company that would make them exclusive.

How they would block them would be by once again buying shares of the company, as Sony had owned 9% of Square at one point, and with a large stake in the company they would never bid to sell. You can own millions of shares of a company in less than a month, it takes years for a merger or acquisition of this level to go through.

A prime example is the cell phone industry.

AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile for almost $40 billion, however, T-Mobile allowed investors to buy shares while they were low before the attempted buyout was announced. After gaining billions through the attempted merger process T-Mobile took that money and invested it back into their network buying up tons of 5G bandwidth across the country, and as a result improved their network, blocked the AT&T buyout, and then went on to buy Sprint with the same money AT&T invested into them.

Independent companies don't want to sell out when they have decades of success and aren't financially struggling (Square). Square is bigger than Bethesda financially speaking, and they don't have a parent company who can sell them on a whim nor does it need the money. Not to mention to buy them out would cost at bare minimum 10x their overall value, and as a multi-billion dollar company that would put this acquisitions into the tens of billions. There are better places for money to be spent. Spend $10 - $20 billion on Square, who makes JRPGS genres that your fans barely play or spend money on, or spend $10 - $20 billion on cloud infrastructure?

So once again it's possible, but very unlikely.

ABizzel120d ago


I disagree with the whole Xbox needs to gain ground in Japan. The question is what do they gain? PlayStation is the best selling home console in Japan, and it only sells 10 - 15 million now per generation since the PS3. It would cost tens of billions to buy Square, and at best it would only get them 5 million consoles sold in Japan. It's just not worth it, when they can do things like buy a Bethesda and increase their console to be an even great neccessity in regions they perform well in like North American and Europe.

The Xbox 360 won North America in their fight against the PS3 by a landslide it was like 50m vs 30m. The PS4; however, flipped that with 40m vs 35m. That's a loss of 15 million consoles sold from 360 to XBO in North America, which is why this is a region Xbox has to do everything it can to win back. FF is big here, but only buying Eidos instead of all of Sqaure would get them the same level of growth spending just 10% of the cost of Square.

Also revenue is not equal to budget. A spending budget is usually much smaller than the revenue a company makes, otherwise they would go out of business. Microsoft brings in around 40 - 50 billion per quarter, and budget for competent businesses is usually around 10% or less of Revenue so we'll say $5 billion. So IMO it could take up to an entire years budget to buy Square ($10 - $20 billion, closer to $20). Which they could do, but what would be the point when they can just buy Eidos from them for $1 or $2 billion and grow their western audience and their GamePass service by an equal amount to what they would gain from Japan spending 10x the budget.

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CaptainHenry91622d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Do you always assume Microsoft is going to buy a billion dollar studio just because they (the Initiative) need help with a game? This is starting to be a trend now 😂 I guess they'll ask Bungie to help them with Halo Infinite and probably acquire them as well

Sayai jin22d ago

CaptainHenry, the don't just buu them off a whim. Acquisitions can take years to complete. If they are making this one, it was already in the works. Only time will tell.

With that said, MS has stated as plain as day that they are not done making acquisitions if it fits into their plans. They have the funds to do so. People may not like that fact, but it's reality.

CaptainHenry91621d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Square Enix own Crystal Dynamic. Unless Microsoft acquire Square Enix for 7 Billions dollars. But lets be real. Maybe they hired Crystal Dynamics because In February 2021, Design director Drew Murray left The Initiative to rejoin Insomniac Games and Shortly afterwards, God of War producer Rhonda Cox joined the company as senior producer for the game. Not to mention Darrell Gallagher who had previously worked on the 2013 Tomb Raider revival, chose to work on a Perfect Dark reboot. He has friends at Crystal Dynamic and that's the connection

dbcoops21d ago

Whats truly hilarious is all the article says is they're partnering on a game, then some random dude makes a rumor about a rumor in the comment sections and all these xbox fanboys are now going on about a Square Enix buyout from Microsoft as if its really happening. lol

ABizzel120d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Correct Square owns Eidos (thus Crystal), which is exactly why they can sell them. Avengers BOMBED, the last Tomb Raider didn't get the sales they wanted, they already made one of the Tomb Raiders timed exclusive, they invested tens of millions into Luminous Studios and no one has heard a thing about Eidos, and Guardians of the Galaxy is looking like Avengers 2.0 for them.

Add in Outriders not snot doing well for them , and they want to get out of Western development and focus solely on Luminous studios and their established IPs.

The selling of Eidos would net them easily $2 billion, and that money would put them well into the green, and be invested back into more Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, another FF MMO, and new other IPs like Forspoken.

CaptainHenry91620d ago

I guarantee they won't sell them. Square Enix is making plenty of money. There's a trend that everyone assumes that a publisher is struggling and that Microsoft will acquire them. Microsoft will not acquire another publisher for 7.5 billion dollars again or more, but I do see them acquiring a big developer the same way Sony acquired Insomniac

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AnotherGamer22d ago

Yeah, that's not happening.

Rude-ro22d ago

When a company buys a company.. and said company needs to partner up with another company to make a reboot of a game..

Sure, you could see a “rumor of a purchase”..

I see a company that does not know wtf they are doing at all except trying to always sell the concept of them being a gaming company

TheRealTedCruz21d ago

So you're saying a game development team of hand picked industry talent doesn't know how to make games.

Go on. Play mental gymnastics and make that make sense in how I stated it.

NeoGamer23221d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Microsoft has a history partnering with Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider. The partnership is just reversing and changing now.

Way back since Tomb Raider Underworld MS has had marketing agreements with Crystal Dynamics. And in the most recent Tomb Raider it was stated many times that MS was the only reason Crystal Dynamics brought the game to completion.

This partnership does not mean they are taking SE over. I look at it as a mentoring deal. MS is building a new studio, they need talent around action adventure games like tomb raider, Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog are the two top studios worldwide in that area. So, MS is partnering with them to get their team up to speed faster. This is just common sense.

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Orchard22d ago

Yeah… this totally came out of left field.

MastaMold21d ago

Its totally obvious that is reboot is in trouble that Microsoft has to hire a third party Dev team to help with this first party game when this game was announced what almost a year ago

gamingtext202022d ago

That’s interesting, wasn’t the Initiative supposed to be MS’s AAAA studio?

Why do they need help from Crystal Dynamics?

In any case, we have to wait and see.

Orchard22d ago

Perhaps to speed up development?

Building a new AAA studio is hard in an industry with such a small talent pool - and COVID slowed down hiring even more so since people don’t want to have uncertainty, move or change healthcare etc.

FlavorLav0121d ago

Many companies outsource to complete a game, most don’t give a press release like this to announce the new “partnership”. Sounds to me like another MS studio doesn’t know the full direction to take their project in, and they’re bringing in an established veteran team to help guide them.

Also this game is also in early development. Nobody is rushing them to any set finish line or release date. If they’re having no troubles with the project, why not let this new All-Star team take their time and really deliver us something special like only they could 🤔?

Teflon0221d ago

Probably same reason Nintendo had Bandai assist in Smash Bros

Lightning7721d ago

With Drew Murray leaving prematurely it really did affect the development of the game. Considering he worked at CD at one point. A CD partnership is not crazy surprising considering MS history with them. Still out of left field though.

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CaptainHenry91622d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It's the same thing I was thinking. Another thing, They announced this game a year ago, and they're still in "early development" What have they been doing? And now they're bringing in outside help to finish the game 🤔😂

To speed up early development? They can't do that by themselves? Kena just came out, and only 15 people develop the game, and it didn't take that long either with good review scores 🤔

Sayai jin22d ago

You are trting to compare a small AA studios game to a AAAA studio and game. Just stop.

crazyh0rse22d ago

it's the same thing as God of War Ragnarok getting help from valkyrie entertainment

21d ago
rakentaja21d ago

The Initiative is not a big studio, and you probably won't be able to acquire hundreds of people in three years if you want to create something big and awesome, so all you have left is to cooperate with larger studios that already have the workforce.

chiefJohn11721d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Perhaps to work on a MP portion while the Initiative focus on the main SP Part of the game

spicelicka21d ago

Many studios get help from other studios. I don't think you understand how game development works.

moriarty188921d ago

Also, who knows when this game will ever actually come out either. This game along with fable and Everwild have been in development for a while and NOTHING even said or shown on them. Everwild showed a little and then complete radio silence.

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Godmars29022d ago

Wait, what is "The Initiative"? Something directly under/involving MS?

If so, why announce a reboot before having its devs lined up?

porkChop22d ago

The Initiative is a new studio that Xbox built from the ground up. They're the main dev, but Crystal Dynamics is helping them out.

Sciurus_vulgaris22d ago

I very much liked Tomb Raider (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Therefore,I personally believe, Crystal Dynamic would be good co-developer [or support studio] for the Perfect Dark reboot.

As an aside, Square Enix probably wants to make back funds lost on their Avengers title. Thus, taking a supportive, or co- development contract from MS makes sense.

Profchaos22d ago

Doubt they would have lost much Disney paid them to produce it and it still.sold really well even if it's popularity nose dived.

Sciurus_vulgaris22d ago

Or did Square Enix pay Disney for a development license? Plus, sources point to Square-Enix losing money on the Avengers (

jznrpg21d ago

You forgot that they made the next 2 Tomb Raiders that weren’t nearly as good as the reboot

Concertoine21d ago

Not true - they made Rise of the Tomb Raider after the reboot which some argue is the best of the trilogy.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the least well received, and was made by Eidos - not Crystal Dynamics