Nintendo 64 And Sega Genesis Expansion Pack Announced For Switch Online, Launches This October

During the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, the Japanese company dropped a bombshell - with the reveal of a Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) expansion pack for the Switch Online service.

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CaptainHenry916740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Bayonetta 3 looked impressive

CrimsonWing69740d ago

Man, I don’t know if it was just me but I was really let down by that trailer. The beginning didn’t even look like a Bayonetta game. It also looks like they heavily toned down the innuendo, which I always loved the “cheekiness” of the games.

I hope I’m wrong, but man… after the 2017 teaser and how the trailers for Bayonetta 1 and 2 were this just let me down.

VersusDMC740d ago

I was as well. At least graphically. Seems like a step down from Bayo 1 and 2.

But it has to be a compromise to have her demon summons be controllable in real time and at 60fps.

Hopefully the trade off works. Switch is showing it's age...

Neonridr740d ago

after the 2017 trailer which showed absolutely nothing you were let down?

CDbiggen740d ago

I don't think they'd show anything adult during a Nintendo Direct.

Concertoine739d ago

Bayonetta sounded very different too. It looks like a younger Bayo somehow. The first trailer, and the logo, tells me theres some split dimension stuff going on. This could be an alternate Bayo that teams up with the one we know

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Terry_B739d ago

Not really. It looked totally like a PS3 /XB360 era game.

Relientk77739d ago

So it looked like Bayonetta then?


FallenAngel1984740d ago

They really just casually revealed Banjo-Kazooie coming to the service

Profchaos740d ago

Microsoft aren't doing anything with it lately

Doge740d ago

Dumb as hell to charge more for this.

Snookies12740d ago

It's Nintendo, are we really surprised? They don't even drop game prices years down the road, lol.

Whoseverleaf740d ago

Totally agree Nintendo gouge so hard. What a corporate driven letdown they have become

iplay1up2740d ago

Doubt the price will be more than $30 for an entire year. Nintendo will no doubt be adding more N64 games over time. I am in. I am not going to whine about, what adds up to be $2.50 per month.

Nintendo could just add the N64 games to the eshop and charge $9.99 each. Fans would buy them. This is much cheaper for consumers.

MetalGearsofWar740d ago

Emulation is much, much cheaper.

VersusDMC740d ago

They have sega games on there(they will need a cut) so it will be at minimum 40 a year.

Plus online added and heavy hitters like a Zelda game? Actually 40 might be too low...

Doge740d ago

I get the reason why people would find this enticing, but to me it's just coming off as unnecessary honestly even if it's a $10 upgrade (let's hope it's not any more).

I'm just glad it's an optional thing since I'm not a fan of emulation to begin with (let alone Nintendo's solution), and I don't want online to be more expensive just for the sake of adding more platforms to drip feed roms into.

EvertonFC740d ago

I'd rather them add them to the eshop, 5 games I'm interested in going off your £9.99 price point would be £50 and I own all 5 of them.
Or £60 over 2 years and not own them?

Smellsforfree739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

I disagree that paying $9.99 for the specific games I care about isn't cheaper than paying perpetually for a subscription service filled with games I won't play and am not interested in.

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XxINFERNUSxX740d ago

Yeah, I don't need it when I have every single ROM from both Sega and Nintendo for years 🤣

Master of Unlocking739d ago

All the roms of 8-bit systems like the Master System or NES, or 16-bit systems like the Genesis or SNES, I know, I have quite a few myself, albeit not the whole rom sets, but every single rom means you have also the complete Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Saturn, Dreamcast catalogs of games?
Do you have a couple PetaBytes HDD or what? lol

On topic, coming up with an offer like that in this day and age, when everyone and their dog can own all the N64 or Genesis games on their PC for free, without having to wait for Nintendo to drip-feed a couple games every 6 months so gamers can borrow them and play them for a little while, and thinking it will justify the price, let alone the price hike of a poorly-conceived, sorry excuse for an online service is indeed laughable. I'm curious to see the figures of the Switch online subscriptions. Nintendo must get a grip and do a reality-check, seriously.

hiawa23739d ago

I agree, me too🤣🤣

AnotherGamer740d ago

Kinda worried what the price is gonna be for the new service.

CrimsonWing69740d ago

I’d laugh if it were at a competitive price with PS+ and XBL.

thesoftware730740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Damn, we asked for N64 and got that and Genesis games!! I will gladly pay $30-$40 a year for this!

Good job and great show today..
Act Raiser:Remastered!
Bayo:3 looked amazing
3D Kirby!
Shadowrun trilogy!
Project Triangle!
Castlevania collection!
MH:Rise expansion
Splatoon 3!
Animal Expansion!
And other nice nuggets.

What a good show!

CaptainHenry916740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Nintendo and Sony had the best press conference this year. E3 was awful to me

Yui_Suzumiya740d ago

Dying Light: Platinum Edition was my highlight next to Bayonetta 3. I was disappointed that they didn't show Alan Wake Remastered since it was leaked a few days ago.

Exvalos740d ago

It was announced on ps5

CDbiggen740d ago

Yeah it wasn't too bad that one.